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The country is in danger of becoming an old age home: Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha


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Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Narayankaji Shrestha has said that the government has prepared more new plans for good governance. In a meeting with the officials of Gorkha Journalist Society Nepal on Saturday, he said that the anti-corruption campaign will continue.

The country is in danger of becoming an old age home: Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha

The country is in a serious situation regarding nationality Saying that he is against the system He said that it is necessary to be aware of raised voices. Even though the system has changed, there has not been a big difference in the condition of the people. As development and construction did not take the expected pace People are disappointed,' he said. Stating that by working in the field of social justice, the people should feel it, he said that there is a danger that the country will become an old age home due to the increase in the number of young people going abroad and migrating there. He He also said that he is not happy that the remittance has arrived.

Due to the increase in the number of victims of drug addicts He said that the government is now preparing to launch a campaign to open rehab centers in every municipality across the country. Conclusion to the peace process Shrestha said that the government is trying hard to deliver the TRC bill so that the victims get justice.

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