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Deputy Secretary General Sharma's written dissent on division of labor

Deputy Secretary General Sharma's objection that President Pushpa Kamal Dahal made brother Narayan Dahal and daughter-in-law Bina Magar co-in-charge by mixing the law

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Deputy General Secretary of CPN Maoist Center Janardhan Sharma has expressed his disagreement in writing regarding the division of work done by the Standing Committee meeting. He has claimed that contrary to the party rules, the main leadership has divided tasks according to their own preferences.

Deputy Secretary General Sharma's written dissent on division of labor

"When dividing the work, contrary to the purpose of making the organization organized and efficient to build the party, I express my disagreement with the decision taken in favor of me while ignoring the members of the standing committee in some provinces," Sharma said in a written statement.

He has said that the policy of not making people's representatives in charge has not been implemented. He has objected to President Pushpa Kamal Dahal's brother Narayan Dahal and daughter-in-law Bina Magar being made co-in-charges. "The policy of people's representatives not being in charge of the party has been applied to my comrades including myself. And the decision to make Narayan Dahal the co-in-charge of Bagmati Province has made it clear what the purpose is," said Sharma.

He has disclosed that there is dissatisfaction in the party with the involvement of the president in charge of the Mechi-Mahakali campaign for some time. Bhatt has been deposed from both party leader and in-charge and has been humiliated without giving an alternative. Making Hala Bina Magar co-in-charge in that province will only disturb the party in Seti Mahakali. Rather, the decision to send a message to some comrades that they have no place in this party is serious in itself,' the dissenting letter states.

The meeting has given the responsibility of in-charge of Koshi province to Deputy Secretary General Haribol Gajurel, while the responsibility of co-in-charge has been given to Savitri Kumar Kafle. Lilamani Pokharel, secretary in-charge of Madhesh province, and Bishwanath Sah, a member of the standing committee, has been given the responsibility of co-in-charge.

Similarly, Vice President and Spokesperson Agni Prasad Sapkota has been given the responsibility of being in charge of Bagmati Province. No co-in-charge has been assigned in Bagmati. According to spokesperson Sapkota, Gandaki has been given to Provincial In-charge Secretary Dinanath Sharma and Co-in-charge Hariraj Adhikari. Similarly, secretary Chakrapani Khanal has been given the responsibility of in-charge of Lumbini province and Kul Prasad KC has been given the responsibility of co-in-charge.

Such is Sharma's disagreement

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