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Impunity for Dipesh, who was involved in refugee, gold and co-operative fraud

Dipesh is again involved in the case of fake Bhutanese refugees, gold smuggling and misappropriation of cooperative savings. Some people connected with him are in jail, some are on bail and some are absconding. However, there was no serious investigation on Dipesh.

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Bhutanese refugees, gold smuggling or cooperative fraud. One name that is always associated with any infamous case in the country is Dipesh Pun. But he has not been seriously investigated as he is the general secretary of the ruling Maoist All Revolutionary Party. Not only that, as the son of former Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun, all the letters to him are like an apology.

Impunity for Dipesh, who was involved in refugee, gold and co-operative fraud

Other leaders' sons were also implicated in Bhutanese refugee and gold smuggling cases. Prateek, son of former Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa, Sandeep, son of UML leader Top Bahadur Rayamazhi and Dipesh, son of former Vice President Pun. Prateek is absconding while Sandeep was also jailed. However, Dipesh has been given immunity without thorough investigation. While the accused Indrajit Rai and Sandeep, who were arrested in the refugee case, had also named Dipesh during the investigation.

A police officer who investigated the refugee case says, 'Some of the defendants who were arrested at that time had mentioned Dipesh's name. At that time, another accused Prateek escaped,' says the officer, "Deepesh is a suspicious character in this case, after the arrest of Prateek, its difference will be revealed even more." It seems necessary to conduct a thorough investigation on him in connection with other crimes.

The case filed against 30 people for 4 crimes in the refugee case is under consideration in the District Court of Kathmandu. Recently, some of the accused including Sandeep have been released on bail by order of the High Court of Patan. The edge of the case is yet to be decided by the court. Another subject that has not been investigated on Dipesh is circumcision. Rahul, the son of Maoist vice-president and former speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara, is in jail pending trial on charges of smuggling gold in collaboration with a Chinese gang. Rahul was arrested by the police on the basis of repeated phone conversations with the gang's Nike Dawa Chiring. However, there was no serious investigation on Dipesh, even though there was evidence of continuous phone conversations.

Deepesh was questioned by the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of the police in the case of gold smuggling. Dipesh admitted that he had contact with the arrested smuggler. During the investigation, it has also been established that he has a relationship with Dipesh and Suntaskar Dawa Chiring. Deepesh's "statement paper" mentions his contact and acquaintance with Rolpak's Amala Roka, who is currently on the run, and Dawa Chhiring, a Chinese smuggler who is currently in jail.

I know Dawa Chiring who was arrested. CIB did not enter into further investigation while admitting that there were sometimes phone contacts. Through Amala Roka, the Chinese smuggler established a relationship with the Maoist leader. After getting the technical evidence and other clues, the CIB investigation officer asked for the mobile phone from Dipesh, but the police did not use the legal authority when Dipesh did not give it. Deepesh hid the smart phone that uses social networks like Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook/Messenger, WeChat, etc. and gave only a normal phone call mobile. The investigation on Dipesh was completed without completing the procedure used for any other general public.

Dipesh Pun's statement before CIB.

Dipesh's latest subject to be investigated is cooperative fraud. It has been confirmed that Dipesh, who is not a member or saver, illegally took a loan from Pokhara's Suryadarshan Cooperative. It seems that Dipesh took 50 lakhs from Suryadarshan Cooperative under the guise of GB under the title of 'Puleso Karja'. Under the title of Puleso loan, Lamichhane also took 1 crore rupees from Suryadarshan Cooperative, which is under investigation. Like Ravi Lamichhane, Dipesh is also not a saver of Suryadarshan Cooperative. Non-savers cannot take loans from cooperatives. It is mentioned in the investigation report of the Pokhara Metropolitan Municipality that Dipesh took a loan of Rs.

It is mentioned in the report that the loans were made only on the basis of unsecured Tamsuk. In the loan file there is only the Tamasuk paper. No security has been placed against the loan. With the interest of the said loan, the cooperative capitalized against the rules and the amount to be paid is 1 crore 95 thousand 348 rupees.

Similarly, it has been confirmed from the document that Deepesh, who was the secretary of Supreme Savings and Loan Cooperative, which has its head office in Butwal, Rupandehi, was the president when GB Rai was the president. Supreme Cooperative has been closed since last March, while GB is absconding, no investigation has been done on Dipesh.

The operators of Supreme Cooperative, which collected more than 1 billion 20 million rupees from around 10,000 common people, provided arbitrary loans without collateral. Omprakash Gurung, the current president of Supreme Cooperative, has been arrested. Gurung has already lodged a complaint with the administration against former secretary Dipesh. Even though Gurung had filed a complaint against various people including him for misappropriation of the cooperative's funds, the investigation against him has not progressed. Apart from the district police, a CIB team has also been deployed in Kathmandu to investigate the embezzlement of cooperative funds across the country. However, so far Dipesh is out of the investigation.

Gurung, the current president of the organization, asking Gitendrababu (GB) Rai of Okhaldhunga, Dipesh Kumar Pun of Rolpa, Ashish Anand of Banke, Buddhi Gurung of Kaski, Dinesh Roka of Gorkha, Sagar KC of Gulmi, Bhaviswar Aryal of Syangja, who are the patrons of Supreme Savings and Credit Cooperative Society, to be released. He submitted an application to the district administration office on December 20. However, so far both the police and the administration have ignored the complaint.

The police have arrested Gurung, the chairman of the cooperative, and Durga Pandey Chapagai, the manager of the Bhairahawa branch, on Friday and started the investigation. Deepesh had been the secretary of Supreme Cooperative for 5 consecutive years since 2074. He resigned in June 2079 after embezzling a large amount of money from the organization. After that, under the guidance of Patron Rai, Kumar Ramtel of Lalitpur was made secretary of the organization after 2 months without the general meeting.

In the preliminary investigation conducted by the police and cooperative registrar's office, it has been seen that 10 thousand 391 savers of Supreme have embezzled 1 billion 772 million 67 thousand 729 rupees. Most of that amount was embezzled at the time of the secretary's return.

District Police Office Butwal Deputy Superintendent of Police Vijayraj Pandit said that after the arrest of Chairman Gurung and Bhairahawa Branch Manager Pandey, they will be interrogated, in coordination with Pokhara Police, the software will be handed over and the documents will be studied. "We are in the first phase of the investigation, after the completion of the first phase, the second phase will reveal where the investigation will turn and who will be arrested," he said. ;

Police spokesperson DIG Bhim Prasad Dhakal says that the police have taken the issue of co-operative fraud seriously and have started further investigation. "As long as the facts and evidence meet, the person involved in the crime will be prosecuted. Subtle investigations are also being carried out on cooperative frauds including Pokhara's Surya Darshan," he says. Police spokesperson Dhakal did not want to open the question about the delay in investigating the person after the victim filed a complaint. "What happens to a person can only be known through research," he said.

Kaski Police Chief SP Mohan Thapa says that a case has been filed in the court based on the Suryadarshan Cooperative's embezzlement case, and the second phase of the investigation is currently underway. "Based on the previous investigation, a case has been filed against the directors and employees of the cooperative involved in money embezzlement, some of the defendants are in jail during preliminary investigation after their arrest," SP Thapa told Kantipur. We will prosecute those involved in the crime as long as the facts and evidence confirm it.

refugee case:

The accused Indrajit Rai and Sandeep Rayamazhi, who were arrested in the case of fake Bhutanese refugees, took Dipesh Pun's name even during the investigation. Prateik Thapa, another accused in the refugee case, is absconding, while the investigation on Dipesh did not proceed.

gold smuggling :

Dipesh himself admitted that he had an old acquaintance with the Chinese smuggler. Not only that, it has also been established through investigation that there is a connection between Deepesh and gold trafficker Dawa Chiring. The son of Maoist leader Mahara was arrested on the charge of gold smuggling in collaboration with the Chinese gang, but Dipesh was released by the CIB of the police after general interrogation.

Cooperative Fraud:

It is confirmed from documents that Deepesh, who is not even a member or a saver, illegally took a loan from Pokhara's Suryadarshan Cooperative, and common people have also filed a complaint against Dipesh along with the Chairman of the Independent Party, Ravi Lamichon. Similarly, Deepesh, who was the secretary of Butwal's Supreme Savings and Loan Cooperative when GB Rai was the president, has misappropriated the savings and created confusion for the common people. Supreme Cooperative has been shut down, but Dipesh has not yet been dragged into the investigation.

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