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Rental shutters vacated within 7 days KAMANPA instructions to community schools to do


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Kathmandu Metropolitan City has warned that action will be taken if the shutters rented by community schools within the city are not removed within 7 days.

Rental shutters vacated within 7 days KAMANPA instructions to community schools to do

On Monday, the Municipal Corporation has instructed to vacate the shutters rented by public schools including Baneshwar Ratnarajya Secondary School located in Baneshwar. The metropolis has informed that if the shutters for commercial purposes are not cleared within seven days, the action will be taken. During the monitoring of

, Keshav Gyawali, Education Officer of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, said that various types of towers and shutters are being made and rented out in public schools of Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

He informed that 37 schools in the metropolis have leased shutters. As the number of students in public schools has increased and the classrooms are cramped for students, the Metropolitan Municipality has taken this policy to make the school space for students.

'Kathmandu Metropolitan Municipality has a policy, it is to rent different types of towers and shutters in schools and take that rent, which has been seen in 37 schools' Gyawali said, "According to the policy of the metropolis, the rented shutters are to be vacated and the number of students in public schools is increasing. Those classrooms are full of students. We have been gradually closing down 37 schools since yesterday to manage their stay and play space. Seven days have been given to move the goods. If not moved by that time, the next process will proceed . ' The city has started this campaign from Sunday .

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