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Family members sit on dharna demanding justice for Nirmala Kurmi

A group of 14 people who came from Banke to Kathmandu staged a protest at Maitighar from Friday

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Family members and rights activists who arrived in Kathmandu from Banke have started a pressure protest at Maitighar demanding action against the culprits of kidnapping and murder of Nirmala Kurmi. Demanding justice for Nirmala of Nepalgunj sub-metropolitan-17 Paraspur, who has been missing since 2006, the National Women's Rights Forum has started a pressure movement under the leadership of Banke.

Family members sit on dharna demanding justice for Nirmala Kurmi

They protested in Banke district administration office premises for a week. They came to Kathmandu after not hearing. A team of 14 people including 12 women and 2 men from Banke came to Kathmandu to demand justice.

They arrived at Kalanki on Friday and have been sitting on a dharna at Maitighar since the evening, taking a peaceful rally from there. The police intervened when the rally was about to go towards Singha Durbar. At the same time, the police chased and arrested the protestors along with campaigner Ruvi Khan for trying to break the prohibited area. 9 people including Khan were arrested by police circle Singhdarbar on Friday afternoon. They are left at night . Nirmala's husband Mahalu Kurmi had died around 062. Two sons also passed away 15 days apart in 066 October. After this, Nirmala, who was alone, disappeared and the land worth crores was grabbed. The victim's family filed a complaint against eight people in the police on 077 Chait 20. Among the accused, former Speaker Badshah Kurmi appeared at the district police office and gave a statement and was released on appearance bail.

The fact that 4 and a half bighas of real estate was registered by the land mafia using forged papers and names was found by the joint secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs Hiralal Regmi, and it was suggested in the report to arrest the culprits before the then Home Minister Balkrishna Khan . In November 2007, the police arrested 6 accused namely Ramesh Thapa, Parvati Bishta, Krishnamurari Singh, Urmila Kanojia, Amarlal Kurmi and Dhirendra Singh and kept them in custody for 21 days and released them on bail. Former Speaker Kurmi and accused 80-year-old Kuwar Babban Singh were released by the court due to the age limit. As pointed out by the police report, Ruvi Khan, who is leading the movement, said that instead of taking the case to the judicial process of the court, the accused was released on bail and the victim's family felt fear, terror, intimidation and insecurity. A series of protests have been taking place under his leadership. They have demanded that the case of Nirmala Kurmi should be brought to court, the rapist and murderer of Razhenaki Sumdarani Tharu should be immediately arrested and prosecuted, the policemen should be punished and the policemen who made innocent single women complicit in the punishment should be punished and the government should protect the protestors and their families and relatives .

They have been protesting at the funeral home with placards such as 'Stop human rights violations by the police', 'Respect human rights', 'Let's fill the jails', 'Innocent single women cannot be trapped'. Civil activists, legal practitioners and stakeholders are supporting them by coming and meeting them and showing solidarity in the sit-in . Khan has announced a hunger strike since Friday and said that they will sit on dharna until their demands are met.

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