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The Canterbury Express

Not that he hasn't met girls his own age in college and at work. However, all those were just 'high hello' relationships. None of his relationships ever progressed to friendship. No 'colleague' could be his friend.
His story did not have the fragrance and affection of love, but it was no less than no love. What was that story?
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Hi! Can I book a session this evening? For thirty minutes?

The Canterbury Express

'Sure honey! "Ben do you want to come?" Deducting one hundred and fifty dollars is his Sardar's daily earnings. For this he has to work exactly eight hours. But in this evening's session, where he is currently preparing to go, the full one hundred and fifty dollars is washed away in just thirty minutes. His full day's earnings will see him bye-bye in half an hour. Knowing all this, he is getting ready in an excited mood.

As soon as he gets out of the shower, he looks at the clock. The clock is seven o'clock.

'In the next hour I will be ringing the bell of his apartment,' he smiles inwardly as the thought crosses his mind. At fifteen minutes past seven he leaves the room. A half-hour express train journey feels like half a day to him.

Leaving Canterbury Station in Sydney, it is still ten minutes to eight o'clock. Pulling a cigarette from his bag, he takes a long drag. He feels his heart racing. Even the finger holding the cigarette shakes It feels like a

. While extinguishing the cigarette butt with his foot, a message notification comes on his phone.

ting! 'You can press the door bell honey. I'm ready!' His heart, which was in an excited state before the

, gets cold after reading the message. One hand he takes to his chest. His heart is beating harder.

After almost four years of coming to Sydney, Santosh could not have a single girlfriend. He shared an apartment with three friends. The friends are all around the same age group. All between the ages of 22 and 24. Santosh was the oldest among friends. The boys sometimes joked.

'Bro's life is going to be shaken!'

Handsome Bro?' 'Bru Bro's interest is not one but one!' He used to be good with himself, 'It's like a lifetime will pass by shaking! How much to shout at the boys only?'

It is exactly eight o'clock on the clock. The moment he had been waiting and fantasizing about was right in front of him. All he has to do is ring the doorbell. Then the door will open, and he will enter - a different world, which he has only imagined.

After drinking the water from the bag, his mouth continued to pack.

At one point he thought, 'I will go straight back to the train station without looking anywhere. This path is not mine. Nothing is broken yet.'

Immediately he remembered his friends. He remembered the pranks they used to play. The excitement of a while ago, he remembered his situation. The phone rang again with a message. He woke up from the sleep of thinking.

Any problem honey? You can come now.'

In one fell swoop, he rang the doorbell. The door opened. When the elevator stopped on the fifth floor, he took a look around as he got out. Room number 502 was located just beyond the elevator. The last room in a long hallway with rooms to the right and left. Reaching 502, he only found himself standing in front of the door, the door slowly opening itself from the inside.

He had heard stories from his friends about becoming good friends through social media. How much he had seen with his own eyes. The stories of people who met through Facebook and got married became news and appeared on the timeline from time to time.

But, all these things for him

was like 'fruit of the sky, die with your eyes'. Apart from occasionally uploading your own photo and liking and commenting on other people's useless posts, there was no other contribution from social media. Between Sydney's schedule of studying and working life, the possibility of meeting someone new and becoming friends with him was slim.

Besides, he didn't meet girls of his own age in college and at work. There was even a normal conversation with some. However, all those could only be 'high hello' relationships. When you meet, it's 'hi hello', when you part, it's 'bye see you'. Nothing will happen between meeting and parting, nor will anything happen between parting and meeting again! None of his relationships ever progressed to friendship. None of his 'colleagues' could be his friends!

When the door opened, a young woman stood before him with a smile on her lips. His honey!

He also returned the greeting with a slight smile. However, by now his gaze had moved from the girl's face to her chest. After entering, the girl took his hand and led him into a room. He stole one more glance before entering the room.

His stealthy gaze was focused on the girl's chest.

About twenty minutes later, he left the room with a triumphant smile on his face. The young lady took him by the hand as before till the main door of the apartment. And bid him farewell, again with the same smile. As he took the elevator down to the ground floor, he remembered the moment when he took the same elevator and went up twenty minutes ago.

A little fear that arose in the mind, a little anxiety, a fast heartbeat, the anxiety of your body! Remembering that moment once again gave him a kind of thrill. He wanted to feel that fear, that anxiety and worry again. He wasn't even well out of there yet. But, he wanted to go back again.

While smoking a cigarette, he was busy listening to the sound of messages on the phone. He was anxious to press the doorbell again!

Two days later he reappeared at Canterbury Station. same evening time. Exactly the same preoccupation on the face. On his way back that evening, Santosh felt a little afraid of himself. He was afraid that he would appear there regularly from now on?

Only he himself could answer this question. However, he had doubts about himself. He was not able to convince himself that he would get an honest answer to the question.

After seeing him for the second time in two days, she said – 'You've become a regular honey!', and took his hand and took him inside just like before. Just like before, this time his eyes were fixed on the girl's chest.

Santosh knew there was no closeness, no warmth. There was no heat in the rap received for spending one hundred and fifty dollars. He knew this. However, the cold inside him had probably gone on for so long that he no longer cared. Whether the sweater is his own or rented – he stopped worrying about it.

He just had to warm up.

Perhaps because of his introverted nature, Santosh could not openly present himself to others. Even among the friends he knew, there was always a veil. He was friendly, of course, but he always kept his friends at a certain distance.

Whether he built this distance himself or his friends built it - it always seemed like a mystery to him. Because in his eyes he was not an introvert or anything like that. He was an ordinary young man, who had ordinary desires and aspirations like others.

In his eyes, he was a regular young man.

'Bro seems to be in a happy mood today, isn't love all right?' After starting, maybe Santosh's mannerisms, looks and behavior have changed a bit, the friends who were teasing him about one thing till now have started teasing him about Arthok. Even now, he laughs at his friends. Sometimes when he was in the mood to retort, he would say, 'Time time ki baat hai friends, ki kaso?' Hearing his reply, the entire flat would be filled with laughter from the boys. At that moment, the surrounding environment was resonating, a little laughter and a little joyous satisfaction would also mix with him. It was not love as the boys suspected. But Santosh didn't care. After the initial pace he was somewhat restrained. Lately his Canterbury visit has become something like once every ten days a week.

was no longer the preoccupation. He was a bit quiet yesterday. On the day of going there, he was a bit restless. That anxiety and distraction seemed to come back again.

It's as if the day of meeting with a lover who is calm at other times is a bit turbulent! It's like the day you meet your boyfriend or girlfriend, who quietly goes about their daily routine, is a bit 'restless'!

Santosh was loving both sides of it. While he liked his calmness at other times, he was parallely liking his 'restlessness' on the day he went to Canterbury. Even momentarily, the train journey from his room to Canterbury Station and the restlessness and thirst that arose in his body and mind when he reached from the platform to Room No. 502 were dear to him.

There was no scent of love in this story. Anurag was not. And, for him, this story was no less than love. For Santosh it was love. The heart pounding while going up from the elevator by pressing the doorbell was an affection for him. Even in that artificial smile he was seeing natural laughter. Even in that pseudo-closeness, he was feeling intimacy.

After five months, Santosh moved to the room. Somewhere away from Canterbury, in another place he now lived alone. He got a new job, which was very close to his new place of residence. After that, he started living a different life. As time went on, Canterbury became more remote, more and more out of the scope of his everyday life and needs.

Meanwhile he meets Sunita. She used to work in a coffee shop near Santosh's place of work. Met while having coffee in the morning. Every morning before going to work, he used to get coffee from there. Sunita worked there five days a week.

One day Santosh said, 'Can you make the coffee a little, please!' break Smiling, Santosh immediately replied, 'Nepal.' However, this time in Nepali. Santosh was not surprised that Sunita was a Nepali. What he had guessed in his heart based on his speech and seeing his face turned out to be correct.

"How?" We need it soon, don't we?'Santosh laughed listening to Sunita's

. Maybe he understood what he said. Without taking his eyes off of her, Santosh said while taking a sip of coffee, 'Nice to meet you!'

In return, Sunita looked into his eyes and said - 'Same here!'

Although the acquaintance started with a simple 'hi hello', they quickly became close to each other. In the age of social media, being in touch with each other, having regular conversations was nothing new. Shanai: Shanai: They opened up to each other. The conversation slowly grew. Santosh sent a text during his afternoon break on a Friday.

'What are you doing this evening?'

'Nothing! Should go get a bottle of wine and eat and sleep!' she replied with a laughing emoji.

'Not a bad plan! After reading Santosh's reply, he laughed to himself for a while.

What are you doing? Any plans for the evening?'' she texted after a while.

'I think I have a better plan! Let's have dinner together this evening, shall we?'

'Not a bad plan!'

They grew closer after their first dinner date. It was a necessary and refreshing 'detour' for both of them who were on 'auto pilot' mode in the set routine of working life. Checking the phone at home even during work, waiting to see if there is a message, hanging on the phone talking till late at night and again in the morning kissing the phone under the pillow with love - in the following days, this routine became a new habit for both of them.

New routine They felt like they were both fish and this new routine was water!

One day, 'out of the blue' Santosh appeared at Canterbury station. He got down on the platform and was exiting the station. After coming out of Station, he grabbed the same way, which he had had a long time. After walking, he approached the apartment. & Nbsp; Sant-BREAK drained a cigarette from the bag, and pulled cigarettes with a very tanma. His face was very quiet. Neither baggage, & nbsp; s neither an unborn. Just exactly, his phone raised. The phone was noticed to the phone. & Nbsp; 'Where is it?' Surya's message was. & nbsp;

'I Wayter Centterberry.'

'Why do it suddenly do?'

. A friend lived here before. I was very angry. '

' and meeting you? '& NBSP;

'friend is from here who has a muzzle. Aim is still tarty. '

' A.A. I'm coming to you. Being tea is made! '

' is something! It is breaking! '& Nbsp;

moved forward looking at a naming stations with laughing emoji. When he was going to the stations, he gradually fell from that an apartment scene. & Nbsp;

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