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Control or regulation of the uninterrupted sale of pesticides!

Due to the ease of ordering and obtaining, there was no decrease in suicides by consuming poison
Even if it is not possible to impose a ban, it should be arranged not to give a large amount to a single person and to give it only with all the details, it is necessary to make it impossible to give it online: Dr. Kishore Khanal, Intensive Care Specialist
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Two people had to be admitted to the ICU of Medicity Hospital in Lalitpur last week after consuming pesticides used in agriculture. The young man from Hetaunda has been discharged after treatment, while the condition of the girl from Bhaktapur is still serious. Although it is not known how the girl got the poison, the young man was found to have purchased it from an online platform.

Control or regulation of the uninterrupted sale of pesticides!

These two cases show that even if the government controls the sale and distribution of pesticides, there is no reduction in suicides or attempted suicides by consuming poisons.

According to the data of the Nepal Police, the number of suicides in Nepal is increasing in the last few years. Statistics show that the number of people who commit suicide by consuming poison is up to 20 percent. If we look at the data of five years, although the number of deaths due to consumption of pesticides is decreasing, it has not been fully controlled. According to police data, the number of deaths due to consumption of poison was 1,336 in 2075/76, followed by 1,146, 1,286 and 1,400 respectively in 2079/80. Similarly, 593 people have died due to consumption of pesticides till February of the current financial year.

In order to import and sell any kind of pesticide within Nepal, mandatory approval must be obtained from the Plant Quarantine and Pesticide Management Center under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. Even though the center tries to regulate so that there is no misuse of pesticides, it seems that the number of people who commit suicide by consuming pesticides has not been comparatively controlled. Moreover, the number of people who commit suicide or attempt to commit suicide by consuming pesticides is more in Kathmandu Valley than in rural areas. The open sale and distribution of pesticides can be considered as the main factor in this. Moreover, as such pesticides can be easily ordered and obtained through various online portals, its regulation and control is becoming difficult. Stakeholders point out that if it is not prevented in time, there is a risk of a serious accident. According to Manoj Pokharel, senior crop protection officer of

center, easily selling pesticides considered highly toxic online is not only illegal, but also a punishable crime. "We did not know that pesticides are being sold online. This cannot be done,' he said, 'We will immediately monitor this matter and take action.'

According to Pokharel, among the various pesticides available in Nepal, the number of people consuming aluminum phosphide and organophosphate pesticides is significant. In 2076, the government had banned the sale of 3 grams of aluminum phosphide pills. "At that time, a student who was studying medicine committed suicide by consuming the pesticide, so there was a voice that it should be banned," Pokharel said, "Later, Dr. Maharajganj physician Dr. Rakesh Ghimire's study also proved that the pesticide is being misused. After that, the government imposed a ban.

According to him, the government said that although the pesticide cannot be sold in the market after two years of the ban, it is sometimes found in the market due to the open border and other reasons. "First, we train you to sell pesticides. Then we take the test. After passing it and getting a certificate, you have to get a license from the center and then you can sell pesticides," he said. "However, until now, due to various practical difficulties, we are not able to implement the rule that pesticides cannot be sold without the recommendation of an expert. Not without trying once in between. Not practical. And it was closed.'

According to Pokharel, the Pesticide Management Act, 2076 has tried to control and manage the sale of pesticides to some extent. In order to implement it in a more systematic manner, final preparations are being made to issue regulations and implement them in a short period of time. "It is not our single effort to stop the misuse of pesticides. It also requires the support of the concerned community,' he said, 'now it seems that the access of the center is increasing at the provincial and local levels, something will be easier.' In 2017/18, about 632,000 kilograms of pesticides were imported, and in 2021/22, this number has increased to 11,35,000 kilograms. With the increase in the consumption of pesticides in Nepal, the risk of its misuse has also increased significantly. However, due to the fact that it is an agricultural country, the sales of pesticides, which are considered essential to increase the production of the agricultural sector, have been relaxed due to practical difficulties, and this has also increased accidents.

The Deputy Professor of Pharmacology of the University Teaching Hospital, Dr. According to Rakesh Ghimire, 6 thousand 993 people committed suicide in 2022/23, while 6 thousand 830 people committed suicide in 2021/22. About 20 percent of those who commit suicide have been found to have consumed pesticides. Not only the number of people who die due to consumption of pesticides, but also the number of people who survive due to timely treatment. However, it is very difficult to get the official data.

According to an article published in the Journal of Nepal Health Research Council, 25 people who committed suicide or tried to commit suicide by consuming aluminum phosphide came for treatment at Shir Memorial Hospital in Banepa from 2017 to 2020. He died during treatment.

dr. According to Ghimire, there is no alternative to completely ban pesticides that are considered highly toxic to reduce deaths due to pesticide consumption in Nepal. Pesticides are necessary for agricultural production. There is no doubt about that. But pesticides that are not only harmful to humans but also to the soil and the environment, it is appropriate to ban such pesticides," he said. "Even though agricultural scientists are more responsible for what and why to use pesticides, from 2001 to 2019 in Nepal, about The sale of 24 types of pesticides has been banned. According to senior crop protection officer of the center Pokharel, pesticides which are currently the main cause of death after human consumption are important for the protection of agricultural produce. Therefore, it is necessary to do a serious study on the matter of banning it completely. "We have banned the 3-gram pill because accidents are happening because it is easy for people to take it," he said.

dr. According to Ghimire, due to the development in the medical field, it is possible to save those who have consumed pesticides if they can be taken to the hospital in time. In order to protect the lives of those who have taken poison, he said, "We have started a poison information center at the University Teaching Hospital for the past few months," he said It is necessary to think seriously about the system of doing and keeping. "Even if the situation of easy access to poisons is made somewhat complicated, it is seen that it will reduce the misuse," he said.

Intensive care specialist Dr. working at Nepal Medici Hospital. According to Kishore Khanal, it is necessary to discourage the use of pesticides that are considered highly toxic throughout the country. "We cannot save some patients who have taken poison even with tireless efforts. Listening to their families, it seems that they consume pesticides because of easy access," he said. "Even if ban cannot be imposed, arrangements should be made not to give large quantities to one person and only with full details. It is also necessary to make it impossible to meet online. Senior crop protection officer of the

center says that Pokharel doctors' argument is correct. According to him, on the initiative of the central government, regulations for the sale and distribution of pesticides are going to be issued soon. He said that after the release of the regulations, some of the problems seen in sales will be further addressed.

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