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About 5.7 million children are being vaccinated against measles from today


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The government has launched a vaccination campaign against measles-rubella from today. Keeping in view the risk of measles and rubella infection, the vaccination campaign will continue from today till next March 7.

About 5.7 million children are being vaccinated against measles from today

Vaccination In 24 districts, including 21 highly infected districts of measles-rubella bordering India and three districts of Kathmandu valley, all children between nine months to 15 years of age will be vaccinated. Similarly, children from nine months to five years of age in 51 districts will also be vaccinated. Vaccination Children will be vaccinated at schools and vaccination centers from 10 am to 4 pm.

According to Dr. Abhiyan Gautam, Head of Health Services Department, Child Health and Immunization Branch, 21 lakh 30 thousand 683 children between nine months to five years and 36 lakh 12 thousand 310 children between five years and 15 years A total of 57 lakh 42 thousand 993 Children will be vaccinated .

There are 48,798 vaccination centers across the country for the vaccination campaign. Similarly, 49 thousand 937 health workers and 59 thousand 906 volunteers will be mobilized. Dr. Gautam He said that there is no need to panic even if the child develops fever and cold after vaccination. He said that an emergency treatment team has been formed at the district level for children who have problems after vaccination.

vaccine against seven diseases

During the vaccination campaign, Dr. Gautam says that children who are regularly missed will also be administered the vaccine. Vaccines against seven diseases will also be conducted together in the vaccination campaign. Dr. Gautam, head of vaccination branch, said that vaccination against hepatitis B, pertussis, whooping cough, whooping cough, frog disease, pneumonia and polio will also be conducted. He said that children between the ages of nine months and five years who missed vaccination will be administered.

Although the government controlled measles and rubella in 2018, it has not been able to solve it. This time, the government has started a vaccination campaign with the aim of eliminating measles-rubella by 2026.

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