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A beautiful poem like Balen

Each page of 'Ashra' has a short poem and after each poem there are simple drawings, which evoke a meditative feeling.
Balen's skill in rap writing and singing is also transmitted in poetry, where he can convey a magical feeling in a few lines.

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I can write and I have life
Otherwise, the rule would have said to breathe out already.
At first glance, it looks like an article or part of a novel or a piece of dialogue that someone has exposed in an artistic form somewhere. But no, this is a whole poem, which is contained in the recently published poetry book 'Ashra' by Mayor Balendra Shah (Balen) of Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

A beautiful poem like Balen

The word 'ashra', which is not in the Nepali dictionary but is used figuratively and poetically in Hindi as 'tears', 'blood' or 'blood-mixed tears', has a short poem after a page and a simple drawing after the poem, which evokes an emotional feeling. happens.

Balen does not go to public events in a manner and behavior different from that of a trendy politician. Don't mess with the media. And, even if they stay where they want, they don't stay until they are satisfied. He was also different in the matter of publishing books. 'My poetry collection 'Ashra' will be available everywhere from tomorrow,' Mayer Balen leaked a brief birthday notice, 'Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday today.'

The tradition of launching a book with fanfare is tempting for publishers to host, believing it will create some buzz and expand the market. However, in the case of Balen, it did not have to be done. Within a few moments of his status update, 1 lakh 53 thousand likes and 37 thousand comments were received. If there is a sudden increase in the demand for books from online, there are more people entering bookstores saying that they will not get 'ashra'.

'The most book we have sold this year is Ashra,' says publisher Bhupendra, 'more demand is coming from online than from the store.' They are unfamiliar with literature. Thus, Balen's book, which has overtaken other books in both bookstores and online, has been a collection of 195 short poems.

Often poems end in eight-ten lines. Some have four letters. Some have ended in two letters. Like, he has a whole poem:

'Idols inside the temple are infected, In

critic Rajkumar Baniyan's opinion, Balen's poetry is different from the classical definition that poetry should be like this and that. He has taken the sensational feeling that arose in his mind without being bound by ideas, classicism and form from anywhere, as if it seemed free and separate. It is a symptom of our social disease that some writers and poets are not able to find new things in the analysis of the critics who are trying to interpret the small letters of their poems in such a way that they feel that such poetry is bad. "At first they said Balen was not a leader, but he showed it after winning the post of mayor of the metropolis," he argued, "now they are saying that he is not a poet, while his poems are being sold." He said - 'Those who are criticizing have not read his poems, because our writers call so-and-so's creations dead without reading them.' Virginia Woolf, the leading writer of American modern literature, has a distinctive style of writing in 'Stream of Consciousness'. It is a special name of the style of writing and publishing whatever thoughts and sensations come to mind at the moment of writing, not bringing the creation to light by thinking and writing and editing it many times. A similar flow of consciousness can be found in Balen's poetry. The craft of

rap writing and singing is also prevalent in Balen's craft of expressing wonder in just a few lines. It is customary to write some introductory material on the back to indicate what the book is about, which is called blurb text in English. Balen has put a four-letter poem in this place in 'Ashra':

'word from one letter

And I became a mantra

You bound me with love

And I became free

None of his poems have titles. Nor have the letters come together for rhythm and rhyme. Some places in his poems have endings, some don't. Balen has left the concern of uniformity in this too. There is no role. No one has any comments on it. As soon as he turns the book, the reader's eyes will directly collide with Balen's poetry. In the

count, Balen's face is printed across the page before the first page begins. And these 6 letters are written on the forehead:

'Today in every society

A disabled person is insulted.

Even if it is in a small voice, a revolution will be heard.

Another poet is born between sin and pain!' In that sense, these 6 letters are the prefaces of Balen. What is the purpose of writing a foreword in any book? That is to give informed comments and ideas about what the book is about and why it is being written. The last three words of the last verse of six letters written by Balen, who has created a public image of not speaking often and remaining silent even when he speaks, say that a poet has been born. Who is that poet? It is clear - Balen himself!

Thus, the last letter and the location of the printed page give enough space to argue that Balen, in a very subtle style, is pronouncing his poetic incarnation either through these letters. Thus, the poems written by the self-proclaimed born poet are divided into four chapters. In the first two chapters there are poems related to love and bereavement, with the sringara rasa permanent expression.

What the Eastern philosophy of literature says is that there are 9 emotions that remain in the mind - Beauty, Heroic, Compassion, Humor, Rudra, Terrible, Terrible, Wonderful and Calm. Bhava is also called Rasa. And these nine emotions are better known by both spirituality and literature as Navaras. If any of these feelings come to the reader while reading the poem, then it is called the permanent feeling of the poem. Balen's love poems have romantic beauty and angry feelings.

At the beginning of each chapter, some letters are written with a special type of decorative butta. As, in the opening chapter:

That day will also be bright

When you're smiling

Other people's world will be black

Mine will be bright

I'll remember you in heaven

When the fairies are dancing

I'll be happy when I'm in hell

When we're alive .'

This chapter has the longest poem in the whole book, which has 28 letters. And, in this he has addressed himself as Krishna and his girlfriend as Radha. In the poems of love, Balen has seamlessly inserted the raw emotion of rebellious thoughts at places. Like:

'I turned the courtyard of the palace into a beggar's deusi,

I made all the gods prisoner in a cage in anger,

I made a beggar a god and a king a raiti....'

When does poet Balen miss his beloved? He has written, "When the madmen of the society do not digest my madness", "The body becomes cold, suddenly I remember you." He said, 'Do we expect from a person who has gone away more than the bridegroom?' The eyes and habits of the

tradition create the impression that something is missing in his poetry, or that the person who has something left to say has gone somewhere. Like :

'There is a demon living in the heart of man

There are attempts to drop my body from all sides

Go to your God

My heart is never a slave to fear'

These lines may seem trivial to those who write poetry. Because, it has no such magnificent expression of miraculous sense combination. Had he written it before Balen became mayor, perhaps Bookhill and any other publishing house would not have rushed to print it so impatiently. There was no such demand online. Nor did the bookstore keep 'Ashra' in the most visible place.

What is more important is who said it rather than what was said. What administrators and leaders charged with delivering public services think and say largely determines the path they take. At a time when politics is in the possession of a few limited parties and their incompetence has increased extreme frustration, the media has not shown keen interest and when a young man who is not in the opinion of moderate analysts wins the metropolitan election with a large margin, it becomes natural to occupy a large circle with curiosity about who is the sudden winner.

In this, the number of well-wishers and aspirants of the new winner is also added. And if he speaks or writes something, the number of people who listen and read it with interest increases accordingly. This feature must be due to the situation of balance, Balen did not consider it necessary to release the book. Because, when both popularity and discussion are increasing, there is no question that a city father like him doesn't know that there is no need to rush to find readers when publishing a book. The

is a sometimes open avenue for covert strategies to increase political power. Therefore, even if the creative ability is not abundant, there is a long history of rulers writing poetry, in which there is often an accusation that the king writes from the nobles and the leader identifies himself from the creativity of the workers. However, Baniyan says that Balen is different in this matter. 'His poems have given the impression that he has the strength of creativity,' he said, 'Balen's poems are different in our Nepali poetry tradition, just as Balen is different from other leaders.' Create an interesting frequency of influence and popularity. Roman Emperor Nero was as notorious for his tyrannical rule as he was for his artistic prowess. In the eyes of squatters and street traders, Balen is a reliable ruler with the ability to write poetry.

If we forget the behavior of the metropolis under his leadership for the marginalized, his efforts to keep the city clean, to improve schools, to provide employment to the youth and to streamline the complicated municipal administration are as good as beautiful poetry.

Throughout history, poetry has acted as a mirror of the human heart, capturing the joys, sorrows, triumphs and struggles of existence with great grace in letters. But when it is captured by a ruler, its disguised brutality is also hidden in it. Or let's say - when a poet becomes a ruler, poetic sweetness and simplicity are also reflected in his behavior.

If Mayor Balendra Shah were a poet, the words would express ukusamukus. If the poet Balen becomes the mayor, the humanitarian spirit will automatically appear in his rule. He appeared in the avatar of a poet at a time when the frequency of rumors, assessments and analysis is increasing that he is moving ahead with the formation of a new party in the 2084 elections due to his burning popularity. Let's see, the mayor dominates the poem or poetry in the mayor!

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