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Protesting mother

Shekhar's mother Nona sacrificed her life in the name of the movement. She walked the same way - full of selflessness and confidence. Shekhar Koirala also walked the path of movement and revolution many times. He was probably the most witness to the path taken by his mother.
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Nona Koirala did not have a permanent residence in her life. Jail, migration and Koirala Niwas - Biratnagar are the only words that she walked the path of the movement. Shekhar Koirala also walked the path of movement and revolution many times. He was probably the most witness to that path. Because Shekhar's mother Nona gave her life in the name of movement. Goreto walked the same way - selflessly, full of confidence. So the movement is the most memorable path that Shekhar walked.

Protesting mother

The image of Nona, the soft-spoken, calm and amiable mother, smiling fair face like the sun, soft-spoken, calm and amiable mother keeps repeating in Shekhar's mind. That image sometimes makes Shekhar travel in the deep sea of ​​memories. Shekhar had some dreams in his life. Mother Nona filled the eyes of Shekhar, who was looking far and wide, with tears in his eyes. Nona's struggle taught Shekhar to be calm and dreamy. Nona was the school and library of Shekhar and Shekhar. She was the mother of the entire Congress.

Shekhar is an elected Member of Parliament and also a central member of the Congress. At one time he was in-charge of Koshi Zonal Hospital and Vice-Chancellor of BP Koirala Academy of Health Sciences. The bedrock of Shekhar's medical and political life, a grand fountain of learning, creativity, understanding and conclusions was none other than his mother Nona. Shekhar looks back at his childhood and the path he has taken. There is a picture of a mother telling the story of life, movement and revolution to her son very calmly and patiently.

In fact, there is a special name for political 'Nona Baaju' and 'Nona Ama' - Sudha. His father watched a Russian film. The film featured a feisty and struggling female character named 'Nona' who was also fearless, outspoken and brave. Then the father named Sudha - Nona. He said, 'Be so brave and fearless, my daughter.' He had read the foundations of Nepali society, and was angry at the empire he was living in. Traveling with her through the ups and downs of Nona's life, we get to know the fierce struggle of a political mother. Mahabhasya or the path of living life is made only by struggle and service - Nona. And, she rejoiced in the political sky, where there were - jail-nails, spice processions, sit-ins and strikes....


When Shekhar remembers that day and those days, the memory of Eknas begins to overwhelm him, as if it was his exile. Shekhar was speechless in the hospital that day. 10-year-old Shekhar was admitted to Shant Bhawan Hospital (now Patan Hospital). He had an operation on his neck. Ratodin was taking care of her son - mother Nona. The day after the operation, then Prime Minister BP Koirala came to the hospital. Asked Nona - How is Shekhar? She said - It's fine, Sandaju. With a long sigh, BP said, "Lady, something may go wrong today, maybe Mahendra will catch it." Take care of Shekhar.'

BP, who came out of the quiet building to tell Nona, was arrested on the same day - in the program of Tarun Dal. The operation and the long silence that followed ∕ Shekhar was the only one with his sister Kalpana in the hospital when he came to. Shekhar's mother, Nona, had left a message - 'Father, you will be fine now. But, the country is not well, you know ∕ Sandaju was caught today, I will go to the movement.' Nona left her little sick son, who was just recovering from an operation, in the hospital and went to the movement. Shekhar was unconscious - unconscious. After his mother left, he saw darkness all around. I used to think - I am injured in a foreign hospital, my mother has left me.

'Actually, this is a topic that always bothers me - the son has an operation, the mother is in a movement. I felt very bad about how my mother would be if she left me," Shekhar remembers that sad day in history, "But later I understood that my mother loved democracy and the nation more than her family. And, mother has done a great job for democracy. Shekhar often recalled the incident of leaving him in the hospital with his mother Nona. "You don't love me, do you?" he kept teasing. Nona kept laughing and replied - how many times are you saying the same thing?'

However, the long years after that day were really rough for Shekhar. Where is childhood without a mother? Now let's reminisce about those days of motherless Shekhar. King Mahendra, in his infatuation with direct rule, deposed the elected government on December 1, 2017 and banned political parties. And ran a dictatorial regime. It was the same day that BP was arrested, the same day that the mother left Shekhar.

What happened next? BP wrote in the 'Jail Journal', 'When nobody has the courage to speak out in today's military regime, Nona and others raise their voice against the current system and take out a rally. Anyway, I was reminded of Nona and Kundan throughout the night. Both of them are thin, weak girls, what kind of atrocities happened to them?' Nona went underground in the evening after walking from the hospital after Mahendra-'Ku' of 2017. The police were looking for him extensively.

Nona suddenly appeared on the street on February 12. Under the leadership of Kundan Sharma, Shailaja Acharya, Nonas, there was a street movement against Mahendra's 'Ku'. Nona was brutally arrested on the street. There were 70 women in the movement. When she reached Nayasadak from Indra Chowk shouting slogans of 'Inclab-Zindavad', the police lashed Nona. The procession was surrounded by police-army. After that, Nona and Kundan were dragged to Vasantpur police station, beaten with spiked boots and dragged along the hot black road. Nona narrated her memoirs to Shekhar, "After taking him to the police station, the police spit in his mouth. He didn't even let me sit on the floor.'

Nona was kept in a detention center with mentally disturbed and convicted murder prisoners, where she was not even given drinking water. He was in front of the living room - a state of diarrhea. After being released from jail in 2018 with a fine of Rs 500, Nona was arrested again from the airport when she reached Biratnagar. Again he was kept in Janana Jail. The accusation was – carrying bombs in support of the protestors. Among the damp walls of the prison, Nona's health deteriorated - she caught tuberculosis. Then he was taken to hospital from prison, in 2020. Nona was then released from prison in 2021. Shekhar used to visit his mother Nona in jail.

The story of Nona Koirala, a warrior dedicated to the democratic movement of Nepal, recounts a long series of panchayats and tortures. Nona stood at the forefront of every movement to establish democracy, became a witness to the suffering of the workers. His only aim in life was the salvation of the people. Nona's past is visible in the story - struggles, prisons, migrations, pamphlets, flags, slogans and a belligerent face shouting in the streets. His life is truly an inspirational story. Therefore, not only Shekhar, but the 'mother of the entire Congress' probably deserves the political life she lived.


Ishwariprasad Upadhyay, who came to Banaras in search of a beautiful life from Tanahun, is the daughter of Paudel and Indira - Nona Koirala (1985-2063). The days of Banaras standing on the banks of the river, the sun setting, the aarti, the prayers, the food, the street ∕ these were the ones that kept Nona engrossed in that city. She talked to Shekhar about the city crowd, people's hobbies. In the evening, she used to visit Dashashwamedh Ghat. Nona used to say to Shekhar later, "I always remember the scene of a Bengali woman from a rich family wearing a beautiful saree, adorned with bangles and walking around the ghat in the evening."

Nona's mother died when she was 7 years old, at the age of 27 - giving birth to 6 children. Ray Nona was narrating a memory of that dark day when mother passed away. And, child Shekhar Sunibasthe - after the death of my mother, I was in awe. I fell on the stairs while coming down from the top floor of the house and sprained my little toe. People advised me to go to the doctor. But, I said - I will keep this finger crooked in memory of my mother.

Mahatma Gandhi came to Nona Banaras Hindu Girls Hostel in 1940 when he was studying 7th standard. The school gave him a grand welcome. Nona was one of the girls who welcomed Gandhi with flowers.

At the age of 15 (December 2000), Nona got married to Kevash Prasad Koirala, son of Krishna Prasad Koirala. At that time Jogwani was simply a dense forest. There was a jute mill. A train used to come from Katihar once a day. Nona entered Biratnagar for the first time from Banaras through Jogwani – that long wooden abode with red tin roof and green decoration. Even when the bride entered the house, the police checked all the belongings. There were two guards on both sides of the door, two policemen standing with the guards!

Nona's father-in-law Krishna Prasad and Sandaju (BP) were in jail. Krishnaprasad sent a bundle of thotra cloth from the porters to Shri 3 Maharaj Chandrashamsher. Nona met him in prison. Krishna Prasad had said - You are not a daughter-in-law, but a daughter. Nona's husband Keshav Prasad, who participated in the anti-Rana movement of 007, became the first elected mayor of Biratnagar in 017. After her sons (Matrika, BP, Keshav, Tarini, Girija) died in the anti-Rana movement of 2007, mother-in-law Divya Koirala gathered the daughters-in-law and said, 'All my sons are going to fight and remember - they may die. But, you will not be able to shed a single tear.'

appears in Nona's political biography – a warrior's tragic and dark experience. Turning to the picture of his mother Nona in Vishalnagar one evening in April, Shekhar said in his own words, "My mother's life-story is probably the source of inspiration for many Nepalese women." Nona became a rebel many times in her life and kept shouting slogans on the streets against the government by carving the voice of the soul into words. She played a special role in the 2003 labor movement. That was the Biratnagar Mills Area movement. She also participated in the first session of Congress held in Bhawanipur, Calcutta in 2003.

In 2007, the weapons brought from India for the revolution were hidden in the Koirala residence. Nona used to protect him - she used to oil his weapons at night after everyone was asleep. Nona, Keshav, Tarini, Girija, Kalikaprasad Gupta and Bhimraj Naulakha were employed in that work.

In 2024 BP went on a migration, Nona also went along. They stayed in Farbisganj, Patna and Banaras during their migration – till 2037 Baisakh. And Nona returned to Nepal after 13 years. There is a special story of the Timburbote scandal of 2031-2031 in the Nepali movement. The aim of the movement was to occupy the entire Nepal by making Okhaldhunga a base area. This incident happened in Timburbote forest of Tingala village in Solukhumbu. 13 independent fighters of the Nepali Congress were killed in that government repression. It was an armed revolution against the panchayat system led by BP. However, that movement failed. Nona used to say, "There was betrayal by friends in that plan, even infiltration."

In the Timburbote scandal, the militants were instructed by India - NONA, BPs. Nona had a role in collecting weapons in that scandal. Nona concealed the weapon in her body.

Shekhar witnesses an incident of Nona. She had taken 25 revolvers and pistols from Silugudi to Farbisgunj, tied/hung on her thighs and chest. I saw a big wound on my mother's body. "Those days were good for my mother," says Shekhar. This episode is also mentioned in Girija Prasad Koirala's autobiography 'Afnai Kura'. Leela Dahal, Thagiraj Dahal, Khagendra Dahal and Gokarna Karki were caught in Kathmandu with the bomb sent by Morer Nona within Sirak-Dasna from Farbisganj and killed in 031 in the name of shifting the jail. Nona was hurt by that incident and nurtured, educated and married her children who were killed as her own children.


The hero of the 2030 'Viratnagar plane hijacking' was Girija Prasad Koirala. The purpose of that kidnapping was to steal the money that Nepal Rastra Bank was bringing from Biratnagar to Kathmandu and use that money to start an armed revolution for the restoration of democracy. Shekhar says that Girija was advised by Nona in that plan. "It was the mother who told Girija to consult Sandaju once," says Shekhar. Nona's journey to prison and rebellion does not end there. She was arrested along with other leaders in the Satyagraha of 2042, and spent 7 months in Hanumandho police station.

Keshav travels while Nona is in jail, Nona travels while Keshav is in jail ∕ Thus more than a decade passed without their meeting. Nona was alone in the service while her husband was suffering from cancer and was in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Once there was a lot of trouble at home, Nona started a business by buying some tempos and hiring some drivers. She opened a jeans shop while traveling. During my childhood, I did not get to live with my mother, nor did I get to live with my father. So I don't have many memories of my mother's struggles. I was brought up by my grandmother,' Shekhar recalls the old days, 'it was a difficult situation at home. There was no money to buy books.'


Nona did not take any other position except Nepali Congress Central Member and Head of Women's Department. She was not always told to be a ministerial minister. 'In 2015, BP is now,' now the election asked, 'Naina said,' Naina said, 'I don't need,' I don't need. I believe in work, not in Ticket. "Krishna Prasad Bhattarai asked Nonna," I am going to see King tomorrow. I have placed your name at the Minister. Which ministry said, 'I will not stop the minister?' No Cana said, "No, a dropwork is not a drop of the blood. ' Nona had the same principle in

'politics, "says Girija and Kirunji. Received and I became his brother, even though we were brothers. Later, our relationship became like leader and workers. & Nbsp; Santi-BREak ****

-BREAK-BREAC SPECIAL SIGHT, shekhar, she advanced by her husband and democracy. Prison, sticks, torture even after torture. 'In shenks is a passion for the political life of the woman, the wind of inspiration. After marriage, Girijan asked Nona - Why did you marry our home? At that time, Noa said, 'I wanted to marry a house where women are freedom. So I chose this house. '(Noa Koirala in Nepali politics, Indira City Dhakal). & NBSP;

Nona Magdie, Magdiers loved and affection like their children. Ask Ray, 'Look,' Rukhar (I love Noa's firstborn. ' Nona used her marriage to the children of helpless cadres. Shekhar has learned from his mother-spilled and dare. 'That courage and ability, that courage inspires me', Shekhar says. & Nbsp; Stair-BREAK's memory also never tired at the age of 78, Nona, and talking to the guest. Nona would not read a book on the last moment of life. The little children gave gifts a book. "I will 'study.' Noina ',' Nona 'Maharayan', 'Mahabhain'," Mahavana ', in the morning. She kept hols to see the film. Mari came home to 3 hours for 3 hours. "The mother's reading skill was magnantly, you would listen to the story at the time. Irkha says.

wanted Nona - Being Shekhar Morning. She was happy to have a happy son because she was fulfilled. Anana was other remained remaining - seeing Shekkhar was not fulfilled in his lifetime. But, she wanted her to say at Girijash. Girija Prasad said, 'Koirala resurrected Koirala residence. Who will fulfill that vacancy? 'Has his decade experience experienced by her decidus experience also in the Women's movement?

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