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Sarangi campaign to save the environment


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Let's plant trees, save the forest sir
Mazur will dance in the green forest
Do not throw firewood, cigarettes into the forest
Who does not cry when the forest is burnt by fire
The tree of the forest rejoices in the forest
Green forest makes the world happy.

Sarangi campaign to save the environment

Dil Bahadur Gandharva of 11 Gandharva Basti of Kohalpur Municipality of Banke is entering the village and town humming these songs. He started Sarangi campaign for forest and environment protection. He said that he started a campaign to raise awareness by singing songs on sarangi after he realized that over-exploitation of natural resources had an adverse effect on the environment.

Due to climate change, he started a campaign to protect the environment a month ago, keeping in mind the problems such as lack of rain on time, dryness and drought, excessive rain at unnecessary times. Through Bardia, Banke, he is now reciting environment protection songs through sarangi in Dang. By reaching schools, campuses, public places and various groups, he is singing awareness songs with sarangi.

Playing the sarangi is his ancestral profession. He started playing sarangi from the age of 15. While walking with his parents, he continued his father's sarangi playing profession. He used to play Sarangi with his parents from Dang to Salyan, Rukum, Rolpa and Pyuthan. His parents lived in Ghorahi sub-metropolis-11 Nayabasti of Dang.

After the death of his parents, he went to Kohalpur and stayed. After not having his registered land, he went to Kohalpur in search of an opportunity to make a living. "Earlier, the importance of land was not known. He didn't even have a permanent residence in one place, he said, while he was singing, he didn't have his house anywhere. Wherever it is easy to make a living, we go there.'' There are 27 Gandharva families in Loknagar Gandharva settlement of Kohalpur, who are worried about permanent housing.

None of his three sons and five daughters play sarangi. He walks alone playing the sarangi. When I die, the sarangi also dies in my family. The next generation did not want to play sarangi,' he said, 'I want to send a message that sarangi is alive along with environmental protection.' "People don't believe that, I've been thinking that it would be easier to convey a message through songs," he said, "There has been a good response from all sides. After listening to the song, one feels that the forest should be saved.'

Although the identity and history of the Gandharva caste is connected with sarangi, he complained that the society looks down on it. It is his experience that the new generation has avoided sarangi due to this reason. It is our tradition to play sarangi and give information and messages to villages. Earlier, everyone used to accept this as a custom," he said, "Now, those who walk with a sarangi are said to be begging. They use bad words and misbehave. After seeing this, the children's hearts could not settle on the sarangi. He said that like the

environment, the sarangi is also in crisis. It is very difficult to save forests and Sarangi. Everyone started looking at their own selfishness," he said, "people have lost their morals. I have been singing more songs in schools and colleges so that the new generation gets knowledge.' He expects that this campaign will bring some changes in the attitude of citizens towards forest, environment and sarangi. He also said that there is a plan to expand this campaign to different districts.

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