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Gandaki Economic Triangle Plan connecting Bharatpur, Pokhara and Butwal


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The government has announced that it will connect Bharatpur, Pokhara and Butwal with the Gandaki Economic Triangle project. Finance Minister Varshman Pun Ananth made the announcement while presenting the budget for the upcoming financial year 2081/082 in the meeting of both houses of the Federal Parliament on Tuesday.

Gandaki Economic Triangle Plan connecting Bharatpur, Pokhara and Butwal

The finance minister said that according to the concept of integrated development, the economic triangle project of Gandaki will be implemented keeping Bharatpur, Butwal and Pokhara in three angles to conduct a model development campaign. According to him, the industrial 'ecosystem' in partnership with the private sector under the project Industrial revival and quality employment will be created by construction.

He committed to complete the expansion of Narayangadh-Butwal and Muglin-Pokhara road sections under construction in the Gandaki Tribhuj in the next financial year. Minister Pun also said that Butwal-Pokhara road will be expanded to two dedicated lanes. Finance Minister Pun informed that the transport network necessary for industrial development will be developed in all the three corridors of Tribhuj.

. Under the Tribhuj project, Narayangadh-Butwal section will be developed as a center for construction materials and heavy industry, Muglin-Pokhara section as a center for agriculture and food processing industry, and Pokhara-Butwal section as a center for electrical equipment, footwear, clothing, carpets and household goods and service-related industries.  ; For the implementation of the

project, the necessary infrastructure will be built in collaboration with the private sector for the development of tourism services, water trips and specialized health services in the Bharatpur corner, adventure entertainment tourism services and research higher education in the Pokhara corner, and religious tourism, data centers and information technology institutions in the Butwal-Bhairawa corner. .

Finance Minister Pun informed that two billion rupees have been allocated to develop and implement this project as a model project of public private partnership.

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