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Establishment of Policy Research and Building Fund by IPPAN


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The Association of Independent Power Producers, Nepal (IPPAN) has established a policy research and land acquisition and construction fund. The fund was established with the aim of developing IPPAN as a think tank through search and research work and conducting IPPAN activities from its own building.

Establishment of Policy Research and Building Fund by IPPAN

The treasurer of IPPAN, Narendra Ballabh Pant informed that the two funds have been officially established after the 22nd general assembly of IPPAN in Kathmandu passed the decision.

The fund has been established with the vision, purpose and proposed action plan of 2 such funds, it will advance the work of organizing the members, policy and programmatic planning and conducting various researches', he said. This fund has been established with the aim of collecting the necessary data, information, national and international standards and analyzes in an institutional manner after studying the related fields. With the goal of collecting three crore rupees, Ippan aims to move forward by creating a separate procedure for the fund. The goal of collecting funds from energy promotion companies, various national and international institutions and bodies is to carry out various studies, research and academic work related to energy.

Ippan has the energy sector, Social, gross domestic product (GDP), the state of investment in energy by banks and financial institutions, the contribution of energy to job creation, the state of common people's share investment in energy projects, It aims to publish facts, data and materials related to energy along with the identification of problems seen in completed and under construction projects.

Former energy secretary Suman Sharma, who was honored at the 22nd annual general meeting of IPPAN, has announced that he will give Rs. Likewise, IPPAN member TN Acharya has announced to provide one lakh rupees on behalf of Vision Energy. He has also announced to give one lakh rupees to the building construction fund.

Similarly, purchasing own land within five years Treasurer Pant informed that a separate procedure and a building committee will be formed for the land and building construction fund established with the goal of constructing a building. "We have established the fund because of the important investment in the energy sector, the priority given by the government and the need to build its own building for its leading organization Ippan," he said.

For the construction of the building, Ippan former president Dr. Suvarnadas Shrestha 2 lakh and 34 lakh rupees not collected from other sources will be kept in this fund, according to IPPA . In the annual general meeting on Friday, IPPAN member Kubermani Nepal has announced 200,000 rupees from his hydropower company, Navin Silwal has donated 200,000 rupees from Bolukhola and Taksar Hydropower Company and IPPAN member TN Acharya has announced a donation of 100,000 rupees from Vision Energy.

IPPAN President Ganesh Karki said that after making the procedure, IPPAN officers and working committee will collect assistance in both funds and also take assistance from all energy promotion companies and proceed with study research and building construction.

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