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Maneuvering syndicates in the transport sector

Not to revive the syndicate, but to give time to renew it: Department of Transport

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The movement to revive the transport sector syndicate, which was abolished six years ago, has started. For that, the way is going to be opened for renewal of public transport management affiliated committees and organizations for five years.

Maneuvering syndicates in the transport sector

The movement started with the report of the Transport Improvement Suggestion Task Force formed under the coordination of former secretary Sharad Chandra Poudel, stating that such committees and organizations should be given time for renewal until 1 July 086. The committee submitted a report to the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport on 18 January 2018 through the Transport Management Department.

For the implementation of the report, Physical has already sent a letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs on 081 Baisakh 3. It is mentioned in the report that the renewal of the committees related to public transport operated under the Organization Registration Act was blocked and the property was frozen before the necessary preparations related to accrued assets and created liabilities were completed. It is mentioned in the report that as the process of transformation of the committees according to the company system is not easy, the transport management from the private sector has been affected, so time should be given for renewal. Director General of Transport Management Department Uddhav Prasad Rizal says that this does not mean that the syndicate will be allowed to wake up.

There is a problem in managing this area due to lack of public transport policy. And the government has not been able to invest," said the report. The then KP Sharma Oli-led government announced the end of all transport syndicates on 075 Baisakh 4. At that time, Raghuveer Mahaseth was the Minister of Physics. The government had decided to stop the registration and renewal of the transport committee which was being done by the district administration office like non-governmental organizations. Again, it is the accusation of the transport related parties that they are opening the syndicate under the pretext of giving renewal of the report. They say that if the syndicate is opened, the transport sector will become chaotic.

Transport expert Ashish Gajurel has been saying that committees should not exist since the beginning. "Due to the syndicate, new vehicles were prohibited from entering the route, so the old vehicles continued to run on the route, but the new vehicles found it difficult to enter the route," he said. , it should not be woken up now.'' "If you want to wake up the committees in the first place, that is the wrong company model," he said Suggestion.

"An executive decision should be taken to lift the ban on associations related to public transport for the financial year 085/86 and transfer the property to the company," the report says, adding the restrictive provision that associations in the public transport sector will automatically dissolve from 1st July 086. Registration Act 2034 should be amended. Accordingly, it is mentioned that all public transport that is in operation and will be operated within 5 years will be operated under the company. In the report, there is a suggestion that a separate procedure should be made for companies operating transport services, registered operators and regulations.

It is mentioned in the report that the renewal of associations related to public transport services, registered under the Organization Registration Act, 2034, but whose renewal has been suspended for the past five years, will be opened. "It has been recommended that the transfer of the properties of the committees should be arranged in order to go to the company," said Rizal, director general of the transport management department, "All the committees are to go to the company, not to wake up the syndicate by giving time for renewal." There is nothing to wake the syndicate Umeshbindu Shrestha, Joint Secretary and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport said that the report is under study.

When Narayankaji Shrestha was the Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, a task force was formed to study three areas. The work was carried forward by forming a task force to suggest improvements in transport, governance and infrastructure construction. Prakash Jwala, who was later the Minister of Physics, understood the report. After Raghuveer Mahaseth came as the Minister of Physics, it was sent home for implementation. Later, Minister Mahaseth expressed his displeasure with the employees for hastily sending the report home for implementation without studying it. According to ministry sources, Minister Mahaseth is in favor of not implementing the report saying that if the syndicate that ended during his time is reborn, there will be trouble. Ministry sources say that what the Home does on this matter is important. The accounts of the committee are also frozen by the government. Therefore, a high-level employee of the Ministry of Material Affairs said that it was tried to create an environment in which the frozen accounts would be opened and the assets would be managed and transferred to the company after 5 years.

Even though the Supreme Court has decided to wake up the syndicate in the transport sector, the Supreme Court has not made public what is written in that decision. Although it will take time to get the full text, the brief part of this judgment has not been released. Demanding an order to open the syndicate, the Nepal National Transport Traders Federation filed different writ petitions in the Supreme Court on 075 August 4, Koshi Bus Traders Association on 075 August 20 and Nepal Truck Transport Traders Federation on 075 October 2.

The Supreme Court kept all the three writ petitions together and proceeded with the hearing, in which the bench of two judges, Sapna Pradhan Malla and Balkrishna Dhakal, gave a decision as per the demand of the petitioner on March 21. In this case, the bench has decided according to the demand of the writ petitioner. The summary order has not been issued as the full text will be forthcoming," said Supreme Court Information Officer Govinda Prasad Ghimire.

The Supreme Court issued an order in 073, 067 and 061 to cancel the activities of transport syndicate, carteling etc. In December 2013, Supreme Court Justices Anand Mohan Bhattarai and Anil Kumar Sinha issued a writ against the syndicate to eliminate all remnants of the syndicate and create a competitive environment in the transport sector.

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