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Sunkosi Marin Diversion: 110 meters left to dig the tunnel

After the completion of the project, irrigation facilities will be available throughout the year in the five districts of Central Terai, which are grain storage areas

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The tunnel construction of the Sunkosi Marine Diversion Project, which is a project of national pride, has reached its final stage. Only 110 meters of tunneling work is left for the project.

Sunkosi Marin Diversion: 110 meters left to dig the tunnel

Significant success has been achieved in the construction process which was started with the goal of providing irrigation facilities within 12 months in various districts of Terai-Madhesh. The project said that if there are no geographical complications, a special ceremony will be organized on the 26th of Baisakh and the final preparations will be made to break through the tunnel.

According to Mitra Baral, the head of the Sunkoshi Marine Diversion Project, the construction of 13.190 km of the total 13.3 km long tunnel has been completed so far. According to the project, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has scheduled the break through of the tunnel on May 26. Necessary preparation for break through is being done . "The prime minister's time has been arranged and other necessary preparations are also being made," said Mitra Baral, head of the project.

Project head Baral informed that despite common geographical complications arising during the construction of the tunnel, they have been resolved and progress has been made.

Automatic Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) has been used in tunnel construction. After the Bheri Babai diversion project, TBM machine has also been used in Sunkosi Marin. The construction of the tunnel using the equipment has had a positive effect. It is said that there has been a positive environment for other projects to use the same equipment.

Minister of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Shakti Bahadur Basnet has regularly instructed the project chief and other officials not to leave the project site, to solve the problem at the local level and to prevent any roadblocks in the project work . Along with the construction of the tunnel, the construction of the dam has also been speeded up.

The ministry had already instructed to pay special attention to the mobilization of construction workers and to provide necessary facilitation to the water resources and irrigation department every 15 days and to present the overall progress of the project every one month.

Prime Minister Dahal has been regularly interested in the project and the project has been easy to work on. The project is being regularly monitored from the 'Action Room' in the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Office. According to project chief Baral, the construction of the project started on August 28, 2079, and a total of 13.3 kilometers long tunnel will be constructed. Although tunnels have been constructed in Nepal's electricity and other irrigation projects, this is the second time that TBMs have been dug in that project.

Earlier, TBM was also used in Bheri-Babai diversion project . TBM has been established as an effective tool for tunneling in Nepal, which has more mountainous terrain. The project started with the goal of producing electricity by draining the water of the Sunkosi River into the Marin River and providing irrigation facilities to 122,000 hectares of the Terai.

Construction professionals involved in the construction of dams and power houses have not been able to work as specified. Although the builders are working, the expected progress has not been made in the construction of the dam . Necessary preparations are being made for the construction of power house and transmission line. Environmental impact assessment for the transmission line has been completed .

Sunkoshi Marin Diversion Project will affect some part of the currently operational BP highway. The existing highway has to be diverted for 900 meters. The joint venture of Indian company Patel Engineering and Nepali company Raman Construction has been awarded the contract for the construction of dam and power house.

The aim is to bring the construction of the dam to a level before the next monsoon. As the water level in the river will rise after Baisakh, it will be difficult to work . Similarly, the distribution of compensation has been completed at the place where the power house will be constructed. The project aims to provide irrigation facilities in a total area of ​​one lakh 22 thousand hectares of Terai-Madhes . Project Chief Baral comments that it is easy for them to work because of the commitment of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Energy that there will be no shortage of resources as it is a project of national pride.

Earlier, due to geological complexity in the construction of the tunnel, problems were seen many times . Sunkosi Rural Municipality-7 Sunkosi river flowing through the border of Sindhuli and Ramechhap in Kandhungi will be diverted to Marin river.

About 67 cusecs of water from Sunkosi will be pumped into Marin Khola at Kamalamai Municipality-2 Kusumtar of Sindhuli through a tunnel. After that, using the infrastructure of Wagmati irrigation project, it is aimed to irrigate about 122 thousand hectares of land in Dhanusha, Mahottari, Sarlahi, Rautahat and Bara . Similarly, 31 megawatts of electricity will be generated from the project. The tunnel construction of the

project is being done by the Chinese company China Overseas Engineering. Although there is some delay in the construction of the dam and the power house, the builders say that it will be completed within the specified time . The goal is to complete the project in October 2084. Although it has been a long time since the construction of the tunnel in the Bheri Babai Diversion Project was completed, the government has been careful not to cause any disruptions in the dam and power house construction.

After the completion of the project, irrigation facilities will be available throughout the year in the five districts of the central Terai, which are grain storage areas. It will bring a qualitative change in food production. Preliminary preparations have been made to construct the Furkot-Phoulbari tunnel using the TBM equipment used in that project. It is said that the TBM can be modified to construct a tunnel used in road infrastructure.

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