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Household potato production in Ahalkhola


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Danda Bahadur Khatri of Jhimruk Rural Municipality-3 Ahalkhola is surprised to see the activity of wrinkled cheeks, petite body, at an age where he has to live on the support of others. He turned eighty-four last year and his daily life is like that of a normal young man. He wakes up early and after tea, he walks in the garden carrying a spade. He has cultivated potatoes in the field near his house and has produced nearly two hundred muri this season.

Household potato production in Ahalkhola

It is not the first time that Danda Bahadur's house grew potatoes, his father also grew more than 200 muri of potatoes at home. Danda Bahadur, who was digging potatoes in the village, said, "Potatoes have been planted in the village from our house. "Danda Bahadur, who produces the most potatoes in Ahalkhola village, is known by the name of Alu Bajeka. He said that he used to carry potatoes to the headquarters, Khalanga. He said that he got the nickname Alu Baje from that. Ahal Khola potato was liked by many people. Potatoes were sold by peeling them. He said that old people coming from outside know him as Alu Baje. Danda Bahadur jokingly said, 'The name Danda Bahadur will remain only in my citizenship.' Ahal Khola is famous for potato production in Pyuthan. Potatoes are produced in all the houses here. Traders who buy potatoes from all over the district reach here from house to house. Since everyone in the village is a farmer, no one needs to buy it. Local Shobharam Poudel said that around 100 muri potatoes grow mostly in farmers' houses. In a house of two or four people, they grow up to two hundred muri. Ahal Khola became more prosperous than Alukhola due to the growth of potatoes,' he said, 'every house earns from two and a half lakh to 1.5 lakh rupees annually by selling potatoes.' Keeping in mind the commercial purpose, new varieties of potatoes have been planted, said local Navin KC. Integrated Agriculture and Livestock Development Office Pyuthan brought three varieties of potato used to make chips to the village this year and tested them. Potatoes of Khumal Ujwal, Khumal Vikas, Khumal Uphaar varieties were tested. KC said that the yield of potatoes planted for the first time was better than others. 6 varieties of potato are being cultivated here, including New and Raithane.

Farmers who have been producing potatoes for years are facing problems in storage and marketing. Farmers complained that potatoes were rotting in large quantities. Local Jit Bahadur KC said that after digging the potatoes, they put them in a car and take them to the villages to sell them. "There is no market here, we carry it to those who can afford it, we carry it and sell it," he said, "two to four quintals rot." We don't have a problem with production, the production is decreasing every year due to market problems. Why produce more when it is not available in the market?'' he said.

Vice Chairman of Jhimruk Rural Municipality Pramod Pokhrel said that Cold Star is being built to store local agricultural produce. Deputy Chairman Pokhrel said that the rural municipality has planned to collect and market other agricultural products such as potatoes from Ahalkhola and oranges from Tushara. "We are implementing a subsidy program based on production," he said. is Potatoes are cultivated in 1 thousand 190 hectares throughout the district. The acting head of the office, Umeshchandra Shrestha, said that potato production has increased compared to before. "We have recommended a new variety of potato to the farmers, its production is good," he said.

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