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Hotel Yak in Galeshwar costing 150 crores in operation

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A well-equipped hotel has come into operation in Galeshwar, a famous religious tourist spot located in Beni Municipality-9 at a cost of 150 million. Chandra Prasad Dhakal, President of the Federation of Nepalese Industries and Commerce, inaugurated Hotel Yak, which was opened for tourists visiting Muktinath and Mustang.

Hotel Yak in Galeshwar costing 150 crores in operation

The addition of a new hotel with facilities in Galeshwar, where the Kaligandaki corridor and Mustang entrance is located, has helped tourism. For those who are disappointed that there is nothing in tourism and business, this hotel opened in Galeshwar has given a message of hope,' President Dhakal said, 'Completing such a big hotel and putting it into operation within 13 months of the start of construction is a sign of business efficiency.' Hotel Yak, which is run in a rented house, has launched a hotel with its own infrastructure at a cost of 150 crores in Beni-9 Galeshwar on an area of ​​two ropanis. Galeshwar, Myagdi headquarters is located 3 km north of Beni. Galeshwar located on the side of Beni-Jomsom-Korola road is connected by paved road. In 13 months after laying the foundation of the

building, a 150-person capacity 40-story hotel with 40 comfortable rooms has been put into operation. According to Hotel Yakbeni Pvt Ltd, there is an auditorium that can accommodate 100 people, 2 meeting rooms that can accommodate 20-25 people and adequate parking facilities.

Baburam (Tara Prasad) Acharya of Mangala Rural Municipality-1 Purgaon, who returned from working in hotels in Qatar and Saudi Arabia for 6 years during foreign employment, started his business from a restaurant in Beni in 1964. Acharya, who applied the skills he learned while working in Qatar's Sinuwa Company and Saudi's Tazej restaurant, returned home and applied his business to business.

Four large and comfortable hotels have been added in Myagdi even in the midst of the Corona epidemic and economic relaxation. Hotel Natural Spring with 7 floors has been put into operation since this year at a cost of 350 million in Bhurung Tatopani located in Annapurna Rural Municipality-2 which is located in the deepest valley under Kaligandaki Corridor.

'This year we are enthusiastic about the arrival of tourists from third countries, domestic and Indian tourists. A lot of domestic tourists have come," said Raju Hamal, the owner of the hotel. "We have started the hotel when the spending power of third countries, India and domestic tourists has decreased even in the midst of the economic crisis that has spread around the world in an economy affected by Corona. It is believed that tourism will return to the rhythm again.'

Round Annapurna, round Dhaulagiri, Annapurna-Dhaulagiri community circuit and the meeting point of the tourists who come for mustang tour across the Himalayas, the natural hot spring here is famous among tourists all over the world.

Similarly, Pramod Shrestha, a businessman from Beni, has launched the 'Shreshtha Hotel Hotspring' hotel in Singa Tatopani located in Beni Municipality 4 with an investment of 180 million. Similarly, for the last one year, Hotel Lama Cudap has been operating in Beni, the capital, at a cost of 60 million. Hotel Motherland Inn Hotel has come into operation in Galeshwar in Beni municipality 9 with an investment of around 5 crores.

In the same way, a dozen hotels with an investment of 20-60 million have been added in the last three years in the tourist settlement of Ghorepani.

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