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The project chief is under pressure as the contractor does not get paid

Until the end of December, the road department has yet to pay 13 billion for projects of national pride
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The pressure has increased on the project head for payment of funds for projects of national pride, which are being run under the road department. After not getting the payment for the work done, the project and divisional road office chief in the district is suing the Taluk Adda road department, physical infrastructure and transport ministry. The project chief is forced to stay in Kathmandu after the construction businessmen who ran the district office demanding payment started warning them not to work.

The project chief is under pressure as the contractor does not get paid

Shankar Paudel, head of the Gandakot-Ramdi-Maldhunga road planning office of the Kaligandaki corridor, said that since the businessmen could not be paid for the work done, even if there was a contract, they could not pressure them to complete the work quickly.

"It is not possible for construction professionals to go to the field and hire them," said Paudel, "They say that they will give the money for the first job, and how to get them to work!" "I have been running the road department and the ministry since Friday after picking up the file for payment," he said, "I will not return without paying the amount." The only payment obligation of the Gaindakot-Ramdi-Maldhunga road project of the Kaligand corridor is 34 million rupees.

North-South (Koshi, Kaligandaki and Karnali Corridor) highways worth Rs 400 million are yet to be paid. It is a project of national pride. Another payment problem is the Madhyapahari highway which is a Gaurav project. Kuwer Nepali, the director of the project, said that the main problem now is the payment. But there is no authority to spend," he said. "There would not have been a problem if the budget in one planning office had been transferred to another. The system did not match the date.'

Kaligandaki Corridor under construction. Photo: Madhav Aryal/Kantipur

The Nepalese say that they have not been able to pay 200 million for the payment of 20 crores that they have worked only from the planning office under the mountains. "Planning office heads in the district are having trouble staying in the office due to non-payment," Nepali said. The payment of Rs. is due.

The problem is not only in Kaligandaki, Madhyapahari, the road division office under the road department and planning offices have yet to pay 13 billion 867 million rupees till the end of December. According to the data provided by the department, the payment of Rs. 54.59 million 62 million under Madan Bhandari highway, 5.5 million rupees for Sagarmatha highway (Gaighat-Diktel section) and 75.71 million rupees under road improvement project. Sushilbabu Dhakal, director general of the road department, said that due to lack of budget, payments could not be made for the projects.

In the current financial year, 95 billion rupees have been allocated towards capital. Nepal government has only about 35 billion rupees from its internal sources, he said, "all others are from foreign sources. The amount which can be spent only in schemes run from foreign sources.'' Dhakal says that the amount cannot be transferred. A lot of payments are left to be made on Gaurav's project Hulaki Highway. 1 billion 40 crore rupees is the payment day.

Suryavinayak-Dhulikhel and Koteshwar-Baneshwar-Tripureshwar roads, 245 million rupees, 73.16 million rupees under alternative auxiliary highway development program and 4.79 billion rupees under constituency strategic roads. 150 million for work on Chepang highway (Thori-Bhandara-Lothar-Malekhu), 123.4 million for ring road expansion project (second section), 165 million for industrial corridor expansion project and 2.34 billion 54 for local road bridge construction Lakh rupees to be paid.

Last year's liability was 4 billion. Now 1.72 billion is left," Director General Dhakal said, "Where work has been done, we should bring the budget for the plan that has not been done and allow it to be spent, that right has been stopped, which has made it difficult to manage the budget. Dhakal says that the Ministry of Defense has been requested to give 4.52 billion rupees for the Terai-Madhesh expressway (fast track). He said that when Defense was ready to give the amount, it was sent to the Ministry of Finance after requesting it.

It has been said that funds will not be transferred from schemes and projects of national pride in remote areas. It has been said that the amount of the plan which has been reduced while transferring the money, will not be asked for budget in the future," Dhakal said, "We understand that there is financial pressure now. But there is no basis to operate from such decisions, it should be relaxed.'' "Until now, the overall capital expenditure is 23 percent," said Dhakal, "the capital expenditure will increase after the remaining payment is completed."

Dhaniram Sharma, Joint Secretary and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Finance, said that the Ministry of Finance is facilitating the transfer of money from the title of saving to the title of creating liability in the activities included in the budget of the current financial year. We have given additional funds to the road department for the previous year's liability payment. We have eased the payment by transferring the money that was saved in one, he said, "We are also working to make the budgetary system easier.

How much payment is due in which project?

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