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Kantipur will not be disturbed: Sirohia

Arrest on someone's complaint? Shouldn't I be questioned? If so, there is an issue of two passports of the Honorable Minister of Home Affairs. I am confident that the warrant will be issued tomorrow considering this as my complaint.

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As a responsible citizen, I am ready to provide full support in every investigation that is conducted according to the law. But the Kantipur Media Group, of which I am the chairman, will not be disturbed by the retaliation and interference by misusing state power. By abusing power and authority, Kantipur has been interfered in the past as well, I myself went to jail.

Kantipur will not be disturbed: Sirohia

During the time of Shahi rule and Lokmansingh Karki, a similar conspiracy took place on Kantipur. However, Kantipur has been standing boldly every hour. Even now I am personally ready to pay any price but Kantipur is not ready to compromise on his editorial freedom and responsibility.

It is the responsibility of any media to raise the voice that investigation and action should be taken against the fraudsters in order to protect the sweat earnings of the 7.1 million members and savers of the cooperative, to blackmail to stop the news of Kantipur and to divert the main issue from me, to issue a warrant of arrest without even questioning. There is no doubt that action has been taken. Amidst all this, Kantipur will not retreat even an inch from the duty of writing news on every trivial matter including co-operative fraud. The officials who misused the power and responsibility of the police administration by taking personal revenge on the president of the media house based on writing

news should also think, when will there be an investigation into the matter of the person who came to power through political bargaining by making a decision not to prosecute the person from the attorney general's office on the issue of double passport investigation? Another question is, is the responsibility of public opinion to ensure the establishment of good governance, or to cover up their own wrongdoings and take personal revenge on citizens and media who question them?

A person is arrested from the office on a complaint? You learned from the Honorable Minister of Home Affairs that this is the democracy and republic that we fought for in 2062/063, risking our lives. Arrest on someone's complaint? Shouldn't I be questioned? If so, there is an issue of two passports of the Honorable Minister of Home Affairs. I am confident that the warrant will be issued tomorrow considering this as my complaint. He has two passports, the Attorney General has no right to withdraw this case. If there is a law in this country, there is news that a cooperative carrying two passports is involved in fraud. I was arrested not for the citizenship scandal, but for writing news against the co-operative fraud scandal. I am confident that arrest warrants will be issued tomorrow in the name of co-operative fraudsters as well.

I took citizenship based on descent in 2036. After that, I first took a copy of the Nepali paper citizenship in 2057 because it was old. I have never held dual citizenship. And, I don't even have two citizenship numbers. It is coming out that two people have the same citizenship number. My point is clear on that - that work is not for the customer. Where are we allowed to compare the numbers? After we submit the application, whatever the administration office gives, we have to apply a lapchae to it. Another thing is that according to the Citizenship Act, if the date is below, it can be corrected. The General Secretary of the Parliament also has three citizenships. He is in office.

I am a citizen of this country. I had said that I myself would help in the matter of investigating me. However, neo-authoritarianism is seen here. This is an attack on you and us and on freedom of the press. I was arrested and taken away from the office. Against this I will fight to the end. However, if there is a law in this country, those who carry two passports and are involved in co-operative fraud should also be arrested.

During the autocracy of King Gyanendra Shah, I went to jail for sedition because I published the views of the party led by the current Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal. Kantipur has never and will never deviate from bargains. Everyone is clear on this. Law should be equal for all. I am confident that we are in a state of law and sooner or later it will be guaranteed.

I believe that the government, every responsible agency of the state, political parties, civil society and all conscious Nepalis should use discretion. Kantipur's warning against misuse of state power and resources is constant despite any adversity. This is the identity and legacy of Kantipur.

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