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Connect Northern and Southern Railway at Chobhar


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Nepali people have been aspiring for trains to come to Kathmandu for years. The technical team of India's Konkan Railway Corporation submitted the field survey report of the railway to be built from Raxaul to Khokna to the Nepal government in June last year. There are reports that the survey of the railway from Kerung to the capital Kathmandu (to Kavresthali) is in its final stages.

Connect Northern and Southern Railway at Chobhar

The train entering Kathmandu from Raxaul arrives at Sisneri after making a long journey to Pipra, Dumruwana, Nijgarh, Chandrapur, Dhianal, Phaparbari-Shikharpur. After opening the underground railway from Sisneri to Satikhel, it will continue east through the Wagmati Bridge and reach the end point of Khokna. According to the map prepared by the Indian company, Raxaul to Shikharpur (single line) is 94 km and Shikharpur to Kathmandu is 46.79 km. Its total length is 140.79 km. After studying the map, I have prepared a map of the Raxaul-Chobhar railway that will cost less, reduce deforestation and reduce the distance.

According to the double line electric railway map prepared by me, Raxaul-Birganj 6.80 km, Birganj-Belwa 10.55 km, Belwa-Simra 6.85 km, Simra-Amlekhganj 18 km, Amlekhganj-Hetaunda Pipley 13.66 km, Hetaunda Pipley – Makwanpurgarhi 12 km, Makwanpurgarhi – Sisneri 18 km, Sisneri – Chobhar (end point) 14.2 km (underground junction). Its total length is 100.17 km. The track in the railway map I have presented goes together from Raxaul to Belwa. After reaching Belwa, it goes north through Simra. The different tracks from Belwa go to Cisneri.

The following error was observed in the railway track map submitted by India.

1) Indian map distance is very long. Construction of long distance railway tracks and bridges cost more. The land compensation will also be more when the railroad is taken from the settlements of Bara and Rautahat.

2) The matter of making a single track from Raxaul to Shikharpur is impractical. There should be double track everywhere.

3) The distance between Sisneri and Satikhel is 13.4 km, the distance from Satikhel to Khokna is 5.74 km. The combined distance of both of these is 19.2 km, but if you take Chobhar directly from Cisneri, it reaches 14.2 km.

4) By making Chobhar as the end point instead of Khokna, there is no damage to the environment and greenery of Khokna and there is no need to pay compensation for the land of Khokna. The people there also want this.

5) The last point of the train entering the capital from Raxaul is Khokna and the last point of the train entering the capital from Kerung is Kavresthali. Thus, building separate end point stations leads to unnecessary duplication of costs including land destruction. By making Chobhar a combined underground junction, the hassle of constructing stations on both sides will be saved. If the junction of both these railway tracks happens at the same place, the train from Raxaul will enter China and the train from Kerung will enter India.

India should bring railway without making Khokna end point and China should bring Chovar without making Kavresthali end point. For that, it is necessary for the government of Nepal to take initiative with the survey units of both countries.

The cross-border Himalayan North-South Railway connects countries with the world's largest populations and largest railway networks. People of India's densely populated Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand and Nepal can benefit from this. Similarly, fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits and other materials can be exported from India and Nepal to the Tibetan arid plateau of China, Gobi desert and other countries connected to the western border of China. After construction of multi-purpose railway, Nepal can benefit as transit. Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world can be associated with the attraction of Lumbini and Hindus with the attraction of Pashupatinath, Janaki Temple, Kailash Mansarovar. Muslim and Christian tourists are attracted by the unique harmony between castes and religions in Nepal. Overall, Nepal can become a center of attraction for all kinds of tourists.

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