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'We don't want the situation of bringing the budget through an ordinance'


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Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that he does not want the situation to be brought through the budget ordinance of the next financial year. He said that how to bring the budget is in the hands of the main opposition Congress which is blocking the Parliament.

'We don't want the situation of bringing the budget through an ordinance'

Speaking to Kantipur after the inauguration of the Kantipur Half Marathon, Prime Minister Dahal said, 'Now I see that whether or not to allow that situation is mainly in the hands of the Nepali Congress . I absolutely do not want the situation of bringing the budget from the ordinance.'

Edited part of Kantipur's conversation with Prime Minister Dahal :

The government and parliament are under pressure. Negotiations are going on in a phased manner . How is the environment for the opening of the parliament?

As the Prime Minister, I have been trying to end the situation of stalled parliament. Even after this program, I am trying to communicate with the leaders of the opposition parties once again and try to find a consensus. Their team is coming. I hope that from tomorrow, the House will be in a state of order and I have tried as much as possible for that .

On the day of yesterday (Thursday), I felt that an agreement was almost reached. Some representatives of both sides had almost reached an agreement in an informal conversation and even said that it was close to an agreement outside . But unfortunately it didn't go that way at the end . I am discussing with them with the hope that today's talks will be meaningful.

On the one hand, there is a constitutional obligation to bring the budget on May 15. Meanwhile, the policy and program has also been presented and it has to be passed. In the meantime, he is also taking a vote of confidence. These three topics have arrived at once, how are you managing these topics?

If there is an agreement between all political parties, the ruling party and the opposition party, all the processes will end. Even if it is not, according to the constitutional provision, I should take the vote of confidence. I hope, even if there is no agreement in taking the vote of confidence, surely the opposition will not block it . Since this is a mandatory provision made in the constitution, it seems that Nepali Congress will lose a lot if it is stopped. I hope that they will not do that. If the

policy program is also agreed upon, the table will be tabled tomorrow and the process Can proceed . I am trying to do the same . Bringing the budget is also a provision of the constitution, the budget must be brought on May 15. The policy and program has been read out by the President. Reading is a kind of understanding in itself . I hope that the opposition will not allow the country to become a prisoner of indecision by possibly obstructing the bringing of the budget accordingly.

The political environment that is becoming, political pundits say that this year's budget may even go towards an ordinance. How likely is that ?

In my opinion, efforts are being made to prevent such a situation. Now I see it mainly in the hands of the Nepali Congress whether to allow that situation or not. I absolutely do not want the situation of bringing the budget through an ordinance.

Now they are also raising the question whether the opposition is the obstacle to the consensus or within the ruling coalition. In this situation, in the past, there was a situation where the alliance had to be left behind. Because at that time there was no agreement to change the ministers after the performance of the government was questioned. We know you're feeling that kind of pressure. What is that thing ?

To be clear, it's not at that level now . In reality, this issue which has been brought up to the state of blocking the House is not even a matter that should be done, according to my own understanding . That subject is not a subject raised only after a new equation is created. It's been a long time since your media has taken up this issue . When the Nepali Congress was in the coalition, it was in the government. This topic was being raised, the discussion was going on . But the House was not going to block . After the new equation, it was highlighted in this way, tried to do that, it reached a state of deadlock. It is seen that political intention has worked somewhere in this . He who has been accused has repeatedly said. Even in public and even when I tried to verify whether it was true or not, Ravi Lamichhane was offered the prime ministership.

This was done despite the publicity . If this issue is raised after the prime minister is not ready immediately, it is seen that politics has worked somewhere. But by saying that, the House has been blocked again, the issue has been raised, so I am clear that a solution should be found. If this explanation of mine does not mean anything, then it should not mean that there will be no attempt at a solution after seeing this political . I have been trying with all my heart. At the last stage, the Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane himself has formed a committee and said that he is ready if the solution is resolved. Let's hope that the solution to this problem will go there.

Today, a consensus was reached and the TOR was also made. What happened to Baneshwar from Baluwatar? There was a general consensus in the discussion that the

was informal. Now every political party has an extreme line and another moderate line. Perhaps the extreme point took over from Baluwatar to Sansad Bhawan.

The ruling opposition is raising questions about the Speaker's role in the running of the House. Is there any problem in the harmony between the Prime Minister and the Speaker, which has caused such a situation of clashes in the House?

I don't have much to say about this . I am currently in constant discussion with the speaker. In some cases, there are experiences where things are not working as per the agreement. It also has the experience that the atmosphere is a bit bitter. We are vigilant to ensure that this does not happen in the future.

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