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"The atmosphere of consensus has collapsed because of the Congress"

The government is not ready in any way to form a parliamentary inquiry committee. Congress should think about the obstruction of Parliament.

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The growing disagreement between the ruling party and the main opposition over the demand for a parliamentary inquiry into Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane, who is involved in misappropriation of cooperative savings, has turned into a meeting in the House of Representatives. When the main opposition Congress was chanting slogans around the well, Speaker Devraj Ghimire called Lamichhane to the rostrum to speak.

Edited part of Kantipur's conversation with Minister of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Padam Giri of this context :

There was a discussion that an agreement would be reached until one hour before the start of the Parliament meeting, where did it break?

Congress said that if the government is ready to form a parliamentary inquiry committee, we will let the home minister speak and then open the parliament and move forward. It was said that we are ready if a parliamentary inquiry committee is formed and the problem is resolved.

After that, the Congress added another demand and took a stand that a parliamentary investigation committee should be formed and the name of Ravi Lamichhane and some associates should be investigated. Let's talk about forming an investigation committee, let's discuss its mandate again, but instead of targeting individuals, the problems of the cooperatives as a whole, studying them and the places where there are deviations can be studied and given the necessary suggestions and reports, but it is not appropriate to say this person and this cooperative. We said.

Parliamentary committee to be formed but not agreed to assign the scope of work?

We do not intend to determine the scope of work. The Congress could not accept the conditions with which it asked to specify the scope of work. I also had a conversation with Congress General Minister Gagan Thapa and Chief Whip Ramesh Ukhtar that it is okay to form an inquiry committee. They tried to bring it to this point through discussion, but today, they made another demand on top of that demand. And because of them, the House became non-functioning.

was pushed in the parliament, how will the problem be solved now?

The government is not ready in any way to form a parliamentary inquiry committee. Congress should think about obstruction of parliament. If it is presented in this manner, the deadlock in the Parliament will continue and the Congress should take all responsibility for the problems it creates.

The Congress has only demanded the formation of a committee to investigate the misappropriation of funds of cooperatives involving Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane?

We have asked to form an investigation committee to find out where, how, and who did it, and what is the overall problem. We are ready to form an investigation committee, not a study committee. The talk of so-and-so person has become a thing of the Congress. Now they want to investigate Ravi Lamichhane. After that, the person under investigation should not stay in power and should resign. There is an intention that it can create a crisis in the coalition and go to power.

investigation is also going on, how can it be agreed that he should also be the home minister?

After the inquiry committee, this cooperative and that cooperative had to be asked to buy? Fraud committed by one cooperative is fraud, but fraud in another cooperative is not fraud? If the money of savers across the country has been embezzled, action should be taken! An investigation committee should be formed to recommend which option to go for action! Why limit

to one or two cooperatives? Is the Congress trying to solve the problem of the victims of cooperatives or is it trying to fulfill its purpose by targeting some people? This should be clear. Congress tried to make all these issues a ladder to power, but did not seem to find a solution.

When you were in the opposition, you demanded the formation of a parliamentary inquiry committee against the then Finance Minister Janardhan Sharma and resigned. Isn't that the same as the current situation?

We have raised the topic according to the circumstances that came up in the media about the incident at that time. It is too early to say that we should form an investigation committee targeting individuals in a situation where no complaint has been filed against the Home Minister and no prosecution has been seen.

He said that the investigation committee will not be formed, how will the government move forward now?

Now the main opposition party, Congress, is playing a game of not allowing the Parliament to run, keeping the Parliament prisoner of indecision and not allowing it to submit the budget. As much as possible, the government is thinking of reconvening the parliament by reconciling with the Congress and bringing the budget from the parliament, moving the work of the parliament forward. But looking at the behavior of the Congress, it seems that the intention is not to allow the Parliament to function and to deadlock it.

Congress should seriously reconsider this matter. Congress should not display this unparliamentary and undemocratic manner. Today, they have behaved in an extremely indecent manner targeting a person, shouting slogans, trying to gain the respect of the leaders of the ruling party, which is absolutely indecent. It is our opinion that the Congress should not do this.

There is a stance of the Congress to continue the blockade until the investigation committee is formed, how will the government bring the budget?

We were prepared to be flexible to solve problems. However, they started to raise issues and topics such as what should be kept in it, it means that they are not directly to solve the problem of the cooperative, but it was seen that it was inspired by the purpose of mudslinging the government, creating confusion among the people and creating chaos in any situation. The atmosphere of consensus that was going to be formed also collapsed because of the Congress.

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