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Upendraji is the main reason for the division.

Upendraji is the main reason for this division. Upendraji's instincts and actions are responsible. If we were wrong, how could Mahant, JP, Vijay, Rajendra, Baburam be all wrong? Why have such senior leaders not been able to last because of one person?'

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Since the reorganization of the cabinet led by Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Jaspa Nepal has been in internal conflict. Upendra Yadav, who is also the Deputy Prime Minister, is trying to topple the current government, and the majority of MPs divided the party and registered a new party on Sunday.

Upendraji is the main reason for the division.

7 MPs including two ministers representing the party have joined the new party. Now there are 5 MPs including him in the party president's group. In this context, a brief conversation with the leader of the new party Mohammad Istiyaq Rai :

How did the party suddenly have to split when the president was abroad?

is definitely not a sudden preparation. There was already controversy in the party. It was coming out from time to time. Vijay Gachchdar, JP Gupta, Mahant Thakur, Baburam Bhattarai, Rajendra Mahato, Mahendra Rai Yadav could not survive because of the working style of the President. Even Ashok Rai could not be respected. In the party, a leader with a profile, who has public opinion is not liked, not allowed to become a leader, and it is done. This did not happen suddenly. It is the result of long-standing discontent.

This is the only reason why the party had to be divided?

tried to single out the party convention last time. By cheating against the law, removing the elected presidents of the provinces and districts when we were absent, distributing them to those close to us, and not going through the district and party leaders. The party meeting was not held on time. In the Congress, there was a heikmatist tendency in the leadership to isolate. There was a feeling in the party that everyone should be given an opportunity, and whoever is elected according to the process and method, becomes the president. But he tried to stop it.

single-handedly got himself elected. Another thing, even in power, sometimes it moves here, sometimes it moves there, it is not stable. When the government changed frequently, and the provincial government also started changing, the question of federalism also started to arise. Therefore, steps have been taken as a long-term front and to stabilize the government. We have reached the decision to form a separate party with the feeling that we should move forward in terms of collective leadership, not from the heikmanist tendency in the party.

Even when the vote of confidence was given to the Prime Minister, there was a heated debate within the Jaspa about whether to participate in the government or not. Is that the result now?

is not like that. There was a dispute within the party, not since then, but for a long time. At the time of the vote of confidence in the government, there was no dispute about making him a minister. After trying to proceed in a single way in the convention, the situation has worsened and we are forced to take the current decision.

Is the message going that you split the party to change the power alliance? Not a

. So far there has been no crisis in the alliance. We are in favor of the continuation of the alliance. What to make a new alliance? Bring instability again? After the change of coalition at the center, will the governments in the seven provinces be changed again? What message does it convey? We want a stable government when the country's economic situation is weak.

Jaspa is trying to imply that geopolitical reasons are also connected to the partition, what do you say?

is nothing geopolitical. Upendraji is the main reason for this division. Upendraji's instincts and actions are responsible. If we were wrong, how can Mahant, JP, Vijay, Rajendra, Baburam all be wrong? Why are such senior leaders unable to last because of one person? A man like Baburam Bhattarai, who has become the prime minister, accepted the leadership. However, it could not last. Mahant Thakur, Vijay Kumar Gachchdar are all senior to Upendra Yadav. However, they were forced to leave the party. We were hoping for improvement. But it didn't happen. That is why this decision had to be taken.

There is also talk of unification with UML?

Why did you have to merge with UML? If we were to integrate, it could be done directly. There was an arrangement in the law. Our party has a name, agenda and constitution. We don't need to integrate. We go with our own case. Let's make a party.

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