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'A new step against President Yadav's autocratic style' [interview]

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After the split of JSP, both sides have said that they will continue the power equation. Upendra Yadav is the president of the founding party and Ashok Rai is the president of Jaspa (New). The ministers of Jaspa, which got two ministries in the government, are also divided.

'A new step against President Yadav's autocratic style' [interview]

After the party split, Deputy Prime Minister, Health and Population Minister and President Upendra Yadav founded and Nawalkishore Sah Sudi are in favor of the divided new party. Why was Jaspa divided? The federal council president of Jaspa (new) is in this serofero Rajendra Shrestha with Ganga BC 's conversation .

Why did the Janata Samajwadi Party split?

The country's political events are developing in a new way. Some developments were also developed within the party. We have chosen a new way to solve it. Generally speaking, there is autocracy in the main leadership within the party, we have taken new steps to go against it. If we want to go on a long journey, let's establish a culture of cooperation. Our country is diverse, within this diversity we went to federalism for national unity. That's why this step has been taken so that we can go in the same way within the party. There is no collaborative environment within the

party. I had said six months ago that if we are going to travel a long way, let's run the party through collaboration, if not, let's go our separate ways .

Chairman Upendra Yadav has created a new party because he ran the party in a single-minded manner.

Ideologically, politically, we do not have much problem in the journey of socialism, equality, prosperity and social justice. He (Yadav)'s biggest weakness is his habit of walking alone. A party is a family, a long journey can be made only after working as a group.

After dividing the party, will you remain in the power equation or in the opposition?

Our thing is clear, we stay in the government . We have taken steps to remain in the power equation .

Chairman Yadav is trying to break the party after trying to break the equation?

is something that has come to such media . All this may not be true . We have taken this step to continue the equation .

How many MPs and central members are on your side?

We will gather the central members soon . We have a majority of seven members in the House of Representatives. Currently, we have formed a 29-member central committee . One and a half hundred central members have come in contact with us. We will finalize all arrangements within a week . Is the name of the

party old or new?

Our party name is Janata Samajwadi Party . In short, Janata Samajwadi will be called .

Who is the old Janata Samajwadi Party Nepal?

We have formed a party according to the party division act. Even though we have the majority of parliamentarians, we are still consulting on what to do according to the law.

Political instability will not come after the party breaks up and ?

We are in favor of the continuation of the current equation.

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