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Prachanda breaking the alliance is a surprise for me, a betrayal: Sitaula


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Krishna Prasad Sitaula has suddenly made a 'U-turn' after the Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal changed the power alliance with the Congress to an alliance with the UML before the election of the Speaker of the National Assembly. Prime Minister Dahal and Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba had made Sitaula the joint candidate of the alliance from Koshi Province with preparations to bring Sitaula as the Speaker of the National Assembly.

Prachanda breaking the alliance is a surprise for me, a betrayal: Sitaula

Sitaula won the election and entered the National Assembly. Even if he is killed, the aspiration to become the president will not be fulfilled. He has also expressed his dissatisfaction after meeting Prime Minister Dahal on Sunday. In this context, Kantipur's conversation with Sitaula:

What did you discuss with the Prime Minister today?

Prachandaji's decision to break the alliance was a surprise and a betrayal for me. I and Purna Bahadur Khadkaji met him on February 17. It was also decided to meet on February 20. Then I went out to attend a religious function. Purnaji and I went to meet him on the morning of February 21, he said that many things had gone wrong. They said that 99 percent has been damaged, only one percent is left, they said that they will consult the secretariat and report it, but they did not do it. All at once there was news of a cabinet reshuffle. I was surprised.

If this was to be done, I should have told my alliance friends that I would have taken a different route. We have consulted with Sher Bahadurji to meet the Prime Minister today (Sunday) and put forward our point. We (Gagan Thapa, Ramesh Author) said why did you do this, one day you will regret your mistake.

Did you give a warning to the Prime Minister for breaking the alliance?

I and my party went to listen to the final talk with Prachandaji. Is there such a deception in politics? I said there that you started cheating. He started talking about his friends disapproving of him. We didn't go to talk much or ask for anything, we just went to say that you betrayed the Congress, at least you should have told your friends. We have said that there is no intimidation, no threat from our side, politics of deception will not build the country.

Now is the relationship with the Maoists bit killed?

is now. A new government was formed from the coalition. We now play the role of constructive opposition in both the National Assembly and the House of Representatives.

Maoist was repeatedly betrayed, this is a sign of increasing conflict between political parties?

It is not appropriate to do such an analysis right now. How will all these be practiced in the parliament in the coming days, how will the government be presented? How is the Prime Minister presented? What are their policies, plans and programs? What is political behavior? Whether the prime minister works in the interest of the country and the people or in his own interests, political relations will develop based on his assessment. Based on that we support or oppose.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal himself has said that he supports you as the Speaker of the National Assembly?

Both Prachanda and Sher Bahadurji had said long ago that Sitaulaji had to come and become the president. In the last few days, he has said it in a group meeting and individually. Instead, I myself was in a dilemma whether to come to the National Assembly or not.

They said again in the face of the election of National Assembly members. I told my chairman that I am ready only if it is unanimous in my party, otherwise not. There was controversy in the party. However, in my case, the chairman made it unanimous. Chairman, Shekhar Koirala, office bearers all agreed. However, the character that Prachandaji has shown in politics, I have a serious objection and I am also saddened.

This fight of the National Assembly Speaker is only the interest of being a member of the Constitutional Council?

What else? What could a member of the Constitutional Council do? Two/four people would have been appointed. There was nothing else. The main thing is that democracy, transparency, accountability and honesty are fundamental elements in politics.

How honest can a leader who is not honest with the parties be honest with the people? The question has arisen. How much work can be done for the welfare of the people if there is no trust even in those at the top level. Not only because Prachandaji did it now. The overall question arises upon us. People's faith and trust in the system decreases. Morale drops. It is not a matter of concern that they did not give me now, the deception that was seen when the coalition government was broken has not sent a good message to the people.

The prime minister has said in the party's internal meeting that he had to break the alliance soon because of the president of the National Assembly?

Purnaji and I met Prachandaji and told him to take the chairmanship of the National Assembly but do not break the alliance. I have no desire for the president. My personal grievance may be, leave it alone, it has no meaning in politics. But don't break the alliance, just think. He himself and Maoist leaders have said publicly that this alliance will last for five years. How can you believe that what you will say tomorrow will be fulfilled if you withdraw from what you have said in public?

Why do you think the Prime Minister broke the alliance?

I don't understand that, I can't understand what he felt, why he left.

When he was living with you, his tenure as Prime Minister was coming to an end, that's why he went with UML?

We asked if such a thing happened to Sher Bahadurji. But he says nothing happened. Purnaji has gone to the government as our leader, he also says that nothing has been said.

You were also talking about extending the tenure by one year?

Not by me. Purnaji must have kept it. But, do not break the alliance, take the President of the National Assembly, we are happy to help.

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