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"Everyone who lives where he fits has understanding"


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After one year, UML, Maoists and RSVP have come together and Congress has left the government. After the collapse of the alliance formed on December 10 last year, a new alliance was formed between the Congress and the Maoists with the presidential election on February 25.

According to the second tier leaders of UML-Maoist, a new political 'course' has started after an agreement was reached on the matter of changing the prime ministership and forming an electoral alliance or party unity in the 084 elections. According to this agreement, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal dismissed all his ministers and appointed one minister each from UML, Maoist and RSVP on Monday. UML's Padam Giri, Maoist's Hit Bahadur Tamang and RSVP's Dolprasad Aryal have taken oath as non-departmental ministers.

After finalizing all matters including the leadership of the center and the provinces, there is a preparation to make the senior leaders of UML, RASWP and JASP participate in the government by giving them ministries along with the deputy prime minister. Since Jaspa President Upendra Yadav himself wants to participate in the government, he has not appointed anyone as a minister in the first phase. It has been agreed that he will take the Foreign Minister along with the Deputy Prime Minister. A conversation with Maoist deputy general secretary Varshman Pun about the changed political environment and power equation:

Your party president Pushpa Kamal Dahal was the prime minister. There was no situation for another person to come for the Prime Minister. At such a time, is it a desire or a compulsion to break the old one and make a new alliance?

This base was formed from the political ups and downs seen in Koshi's Chief Minister selection process with Congress, the party that is in alliance with us. The result of the election of the National Assembly made it more intense. The decisive action is the activity seen in the General Committee meeting of the Congress. The issue raised in the Congress General Committee meeting caused a stir in our party.

Complications were also seen regarding the defense and implementation of the constitution. Congress began to retreat. Companions of the peace process, we were on our way to complete the rest of the peace process. As one after another cold weather increased, the pressure to not form an alliance with the Congress increased. In the meeting of the Maoist Standing Committee, there was a consensus among all that no further progress could be made with the Congress. In all this environment, the environment of a new alliance has been created in the background of saying that I will be the prime minister, I will do it, but even the ministers of the government have not been able to change for three months.

Is it the prime minister's insistence on forming a new alliance or the party's standing committee?

Our standing committee has agreed that we should not ally with the Congress. General developments were progressing, but a little more pressing happened after the Standing Committee meeting. Since then, developments have accelerated.

On Monday, 8 points agreement was reached between 4 parties. It does not include the issue of allocation of posts other than the President and Vice President of the National Assembly. Considering that you are a member of the consensus-making working group, how will the matter of distribution of posts proceed? There has been a general discussion on the distribution of

positions. We will finalize the allocation of ministries on Tuesday (today). It is concluded after the Prime Minister talks to all the parties. Which teams will participate will be decided by Tuesday. Then the cabinet expands and we go to work. We don't have to slow down, we have to work. This alliance is made for work. This alliance has been formed to provide services, develop and work on the agenda of prosperity. This coalition was formed after the Prime Minister said that he could not work, there was no team to work.

With the formation of this alliance, it seems that there is an agreement between Maoist Chairman and Prime Minister Dahal and UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli to take turns in leadership. But the issue of when and how long to lead has not been made public. How much time have they agreed to lead?

is only known at their level. We don't know. But the main purpose is to provide political stability, provide services, work and develop.

You are the person who played a close role in this equation. So there can be some guesses?

is a common thing to lead by turns. But apart from the verbal agreement, there is no solid agreement. Exactly this time, it's not supposed to work. It is only placed on the level of trust between them.

What has been agreed about the Ministry of Interior? This is the claim of the National Independent Party. Who specifically leads the home?

As I said earlier, there has been no entry into the issue of distribution of ministries. Three ministers were sworn in as non-departmental ministers as the issue of distribution of ministries was not entered. Only tomorrow (Tuesday) will the issue of distribution of ministries be finalized.

It is said that you have done the main homework for three months to break up old alliances and build new ones. You are also in the working group to agree. You are also in the discussion. But he says that he does not know any matter, there is no agreement. Don't you know?

is generally agreed upon. But since the other side has not presented any position and its claim, it is not possible to speculate whether it will be like this or not. Now we have only worked on policy matters. Technical issues are settled by mutual agreement. Since all parties and friends have formed a partnership to create a working team, the technical issue has yet to be finalized. He raised the topic of

work. Even before this, you had a minister. Prime Minister and you have shown more blame to Prakash Sharan Mahat who is Finance Minister from Congress. Couldn't work because of him?

What to talk about now about the coalition that has gone and the ministers that have gone? I don't think we should comment. Everyone knows who did or did not do what.

There are speculations that you are the next finance minister. What is special?

Nothing is known about the ministry and ministers yet. Nothing happened to me personally. Now the main task of the alliance is service delivery. It is to give people hope. It means that if people cannot be instilled with hope, the system itself will be questioned.

The main bearer of change is the Maoist party, as the leadership is also Maoist, our biggest concern is how to instill hope. How can employment be created within the country? It means to create hope by doing real work and change. It is an understanding to live where one fits.

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