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Chapagain, who has been standing in Maitighar for 10 days, says - 'Education Minister ignored ECD education reform'.


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Samajwadi Student Union President Netra Chapagain, who has been standing in Maitighar Mandla for 10 days demanding reform of Early Childhood Education (ECD), has accused Education Minister Sumana Shrestha of ignoring the demand for reform of ECD education.

Chapagain, who has been standing in Maitighar for 10 days, says - 'Education Minister ignored ECD education reform'.

By writing an open letter to Education Minister Sumana Shrestha on Friday, the agitating Chapagai drew attention to their movement and demands. Since May 2nd, they have been standing in Maitighar mandalay in Kathmandu for 8 hours a day and putting pressure on the government. 10 am to 5 am standing On the fifth day, Education Minister Suman Shrestha personally reached Maitighar, who was protesting. It is mentioned in the letter written by Chapagai that despite coming to meet

, he ignored the demand. Other political party-affiliated student unions have also expressed their solidarity with his demand.

Chapagai has also put forward 6 demands to the government. Demands have been put forward to increase the amount of lunch given to children of ECD, to increase the educational qualification and monthly salary of ECD teachers, to maintain the uniformity of ECD classes run in public and private schools, to maintain the posts of ECD teachers. Chapagai said that until the government fulfills the demand, they will continue the pressurizing program by standing for 8 hours daily in Maitighar.

Chapagai's letter to Education Minister Shrestha

Dear Minister, Hello!

I wish you success here from Maitighar road. On 28th Baisakh 2081, before standing on this road box, I wrote the first open letter in your name regarding the problems of ECD education. After that, I am standing by announcing #StandingForECD campaign from 2nd of May. On the fifth (5th) day of waiting for your reply with a solution, you came to meet me on the street and said that you would call me for a discussion soon, but today there was no news until the tenth (10th) day.

We are very happy that this issue is being established as a common issue not only for us but for all Nepalis. Today in every government school in the country, ECD teachers are standing on this issue. Nepal Child Development Central Struggle Committee issued a solidarity statement on June 6 with the wish of full success of this #StandingForECD campaign, this issue It is becoming a topic of discussion in every school. Only yesterday, 13 different student unions/organizations active in the country have expressed their solidarity from the streets of Maitighar. Thus #StandingForECD campaign is becoming a topic of interest and debate day by day.

I have already told you that this campaign is not against you. We felt that this campaign is also an alternative way to help a new minister like you. But you have also followed the tradition of not being taken seriously unless a destructive method is adopted or a person falls. There is no doubt that this campaign has played an important role in drawing attention to one of the many problems that are important but not noticed by many. However, even after these days, the neglect of the campaign by your ministry will ultimately damage the credibility of you and the government. Therefore, I again request your Honor to seriously address the campaign and the issues it raises without delay.

Waiting for you

Netra Chapagai


Nepal Samajwadi Student Union

11 May 2081

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