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Wilson Academy celebrates its 29th anniversary


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Wilson Academy in Sitapaila celebrated its 29th anniversary on Saturday. The school awarded the best students in the program. School president Arjunsingh Thakuri distributed prizes to the best students.

Wilson Academy celebrates its 29th anniversary

"Students should be taught not only academic skills, but also life skills along with extracurricular activities," President Thakuri said. The school interacted with hero Rajesh Hamal on the occasion. Nayak Hamal, who participated as the chief guest in the

program, said that every person can move forward in his personal life only with hard work and faith in himself.

'Every person is a magnificent personality in himself, he should be proud of his identity and skills. Every person is different in himself,' Hamal said, 'A person can move forward in life only with hard work and self-belief.'

He said that mobile phones and other technologies are also hindering the students. "One person cannot do everything well, but every person can excel in one subject," he said. He said that it is not right for the parents to force the children in any matter, but the parents can guide the children on the right path.

During this, Nayak Hamal also narrated his experience of acting life. 'Each time you have to live a new life to act in a new way. If you don't have confidence, don't get into acting. Acting is not a safe profession, if you don't have faith and belief in yourself, you can't survive in acting,' Hamal said.

He said that everyone who works hard with confidence can achieve success in their field.

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